Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi engine failure - Marcel Michorius
I've bought a Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Estate in 2002. In the guarantee period several times it stopped suddenly. Computer data lost and computer reset (ECU). After the guarantee period 10 times unexpectedly in garage and towed away 3 times. Replaced clutch (60.000 miles), injectors (3 times, always on cylinder 3), diesel inlet filter, reprogrammed ECU. Last week engine broke (80.000 miles). Piston of cylinder 3 has smashed the internals of the engine completely. Second hand engine will be installed by very good small garage (a Ford dealer could not even provide me with a quote!). All in all an extra £ 5000,= in costs (nice slogan: 'engineering to (b)last'). I'm discussing the reliability issue with Ford (the dealer only says that I've had some bad luck with the car). The car was faulty in the first place and Ford was not able to solve the problem. By the way: the doors start to rust...
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi engine failure - smokescreen
Could the car be argued as never fit for purpose from the start?
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi engine failure - bikemade3
Small claims court then if Ford will replace engine under warranty.
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi engine failure - cheddar
I could say that my TDCi has done 106k etc etc though there is no point because all makes/models suffer occasional untypical issues. That being said I have heard of a TDCi bending a rod due to ECU / injector problems, perhaps this was a similar case. It does seem more than a coincidence that problems were experienced with n.o 3 injector three times before n.o three cylinder lunched itself.

Ford are very good at post warranty goodwill if the car has Ford dealer service history however you mention having the repairs done at an independent, have you also had it serviced at an non Ford garage? If so the small claims court may be successful if you can prove that it was a problem reported under warranty that led to the post warranty failure, an AA or similar report may help. IIRC the claim would need to be against the dealer, not Ford, someone will clarify this.
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi engine failure - Marcel Michorius
The car originally came from the Netherlands and imported into Scotland. I'm discussing the issue with the dealer but fear the worst. Either the Ford service engineers are not trained well enough or the technology is too complex bacause problems are not fixed. Driving on the A9 near Perth the car stopped suddenly. Complete electrical shutdown (60 miles/hour!). I stopped and restarted. Big smoke clouds from the back. Stopped again and got it towed away to East Kilbride (thanks to the AA). Ford East Kilbride repaired the clutch and said that was all. Not surprisingly I was back within 10 minutes and they changed the injector 3 two times (a faulty injector was sent by Ford !). Since then vibrations in pedals, engine etc. They more or less admitted they could not fix it (after 3 weeks almost without a car).

Car on the ferry to the Netherlands (not the first time to get it fixed!). Replaced injector 3 again (placed wrongly). Back after a week with the same complaints regarding vibrations. Also high fuel consumption (32 - 35 mpg) when temperature below 10 C. Always blue smoke during a cold start (lots of it !) and no power the first mile. Problems have never been sorted.

I'm self employed and need the car and I can't wait on Ford to agree on a deal. By the way: I would buy a Ford Mondeo again because the car is beautiful to drive and very sturdy.

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