New Almera from 2000. - Chris Eglinton
Sorry guys, I didnt pick up the comments yesterday on your views about the new Nissan Almera. I am thinking of buying a new one.
What is best, the 1.5 or 1.8.
Has anyone owned one for the past year or so, and what is your opinion.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

Re: New Almera from 2000. - Phil
Why choose an Almera over something well regarded like a Focus/Astra? Surely an Almera would have poor residuals? I would say only buy one if that is what you have your heart set one and you get an absolutely stunning deal.
Re: New Almera from 2000. - Chris Eglinton
Thanks for your advise, but in one word, RELIABILITY.
Re: New Almera from 2000. - Phil
Well if that's the priority then a new Civic or Corolla have much better and more interesting designs. If these new breeds hold their value like the Yaris etc. then I would imagine these would make a better long term buy.
Re: New Almera from 2000. - Faz
Which? magazine class it as abest buy.
Re: New Almera from 2000. - Mark (Brazil)
I just happen to have a copy of Parker`s New & Used Car Chooser. (found it in a taxi in Copocabana yesterday - who knows how it got there)

Dunno if its any good, but what it says is...

Depreciates fast
1.5 plodding, 1.8 is good, but not up to rival`s standards
Unexciting and uninspiring
Good in town, light to drive
Well built & Reliable
4 out of 5 for safety
3 out of 5 for securit

For what its worth..............
Re: New Almera from 2000. - Albert
Ive driven focus h/b cant see what all the fuss is about (boring)found estate very good, build but quality suspect.
astra , good car but chap at work reports many problems
almera 1.8 very noisey not impressed
primera blows all the above away in 2l form (i dont rate the 1.8)
residuals are poor so a excellent 1 year old buy about 33% loss from new

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