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02 dci about to fail? - volcane
Hi all,

I was visiting my aunt in Bristol over the weekend and she asked me to look at her car. Its an 02 Laguna dci 120 (I think) with 40k miles which occasionally flashed on a light (which was the engine management light) and lost power but would get going again if it was switched off. I examined it and found at 2200 rpm it would puff back through the air intake, there is oil in the intercooler and at joins along the pipe to it. I know its the EGR valve/turbo issue again but is the engine likely to be damaged? Will Renault do anything? (it was 'properly!!' serviced every 18k miles). I have advised her to trade it in at Renault if its unlikely that they will stand over the engine (it is after all their baby) and say nothing, at least then the new owner will have protection. Is it worth an EGR valve and turbo and then maybe an engine.

All opinions welcome

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Laguna dci about to fail? - Xileno {P}
At this stage the engine is probably ok. However, it may not be for much longer if she continues to use the car. She should take it to the dealer and mention the Yellow OTS arrangement where Renault will make a contribution to any turbo problems provided certain criteria are met.
Laguna dci about to fail? - volcane
What is the yellow OTS arrangement?? and what are the citeria
Laguna dci about to fail? - Screwloose

It would be interesting to know what the fault-code was that caused the MIL light to show. Although the EGR fault is well documented, this re-set symptom is not entirely consistent with most reports. This could also be an injector or pressure sensor failing. The presence of oil in the intercooler/pipework is not a firm basis for any definitive conclusions. There's always some and levels vary considerably across different cars.

The engine damage on all of the failed DCi's that I've seen, so far, followed catastrophic turbo failure and a full-blown runaway. As you've caught it early, simply dealing with the EGR fault should prevent further problems. [Well; at least until it cokes-up yet again.] The turbo will have suffered some stress, but whether a precautionary change is justified is a very difficult question.
Laguna dci about to fail? - volcane

thanks for the help, the car was scanned using an Innova code reader(not sure which model) and no fault codes were present, A light flashes if there are codes there which cannot be read which didn't happen. So its likely that Renault will not find any codes. Upon further questioning it transpires that intermittent power loss may have been happening for 6 months.
Laguna dci about to fail? - Victorbox
I suffered the orange engine management warning light coming on intermittently (say 10 to 30 seconds) on a 2002 1.9dci Megane for 2 years with no apparent long term problems until it went into "limp home mode" late in 2005 150 miles from home! New EGR valve required and it was fine for 4 months but the orange warning light was just starting to flash on again a few weeks before it went off to auction.
Laguna dci about to fail? - Xileno {P}
"What is the yellow OTS arrangement?? and what are the citeria "

I believe that Renault will pay a contribution towards owners of Megane & Scenic MK1 and MK2 plus Laguna MK2 with the 1.9 dCi engine provided certain criteria are met. My understanding is that these are:

1. The car must be less than 5 years old and less than 90K miles.

2. Full Renault service history, although the law states that provided Renault parts and recommended oil has been used, it could be serviced elsewhere.

Your Aunt's appears to fall within the scheme.

I suspect the EGR valve has got sooted up. These dCi engines need a good thrashing now and again to clear them out. My 1.5 dCi EGR valve got fouled up a few weeks ago causing bad running. A good blow out cured it. Renault dealers should be checking the EGR valve at service and cleaning it with a special tool now being issued.
Laguna dci about to fail? - abapodra

i have just bought a laguna 02 plate 1.9dci dynamique and i think the turbo was about to go...i had this checked out at my local mechanic and he also said that the turbo is about to go!! whe driving the car you can hear a slight whisling sound from the engine bay.

can anyone help me on this one........how much would it cost to replace or is there anythink else that can be done?

Laguna dci about to fail? - I hate Laguna II's

In my case the engine magament light came on and then proceeded to go "mad" and went to maximum revs with clouds of smoke out of the exhaust. A passing mechanic stalled the engine and took the car away and diagnosed the problem a turbo problem. I picked up a new one for him which he blew instantly and he said it was a faulty one. I have grave reservations about the diagnosis and am wondering now if it could be a EGR valve problem or intercooler or fundamental engine problem. The bills are stacking up now and the car is virtually a write off now. I think the last thing I should do now is supply this guy with another new turbo. Any advice would be greatly accepted.
Laguna dci about to fail? - Screwloose
I hate...

Difficult to be certain; but it sounds as though this "passing mechanic" isn't familiar with this sort of work, didn't drain the accumulated oil from the intercooler before re-starting the engine and, inevitably, then suffered a second runaway.

If the first turbo had shattered it's compressor turbine, then there will be copious quantities of oil and hard debris in the intercooler, the intake pipework and the engine. Just replacing the turbo is pointless. A careful and detailed evaluation of the failure and the extent of any damage is essential before commencing repairs.

He may now realize that he's well out of his depth and may be happy to take the car to a diesel specialists and be shot of it for a small fee. The new turbo may be recoverable; although it won't have liked it's "baptism of fire."
Laguna dci about to fail? - I hate Laguna II's

Thanks a million for the reply. I don't think there is much hope for the new turbo. To my uneduacted eye it looks just like the original i.e. the vanes all bent and wedged against the housing with no visible shaft on the exhaust side. He told me he cleaned everything out, intercooler etc and that oil lines were fine and did not need replacing.

If the EGR valve was stuck originally and then cooked the turbo bearings, and if he didn't change the EGR valve when fitting the new turbo, could this still be my problem? If he's proud, taking it off his hands may prove difficult and my solicitor may need to get involved which I would prefer to avoid.

I'm considering providing him with a new intercooler + new EGR valve + 2nd hand turbo. This is all happening in Ireland so its a little different. There's 90K on the clock and I can expect no support from renault. Incidently they wanted 2550 euro (1683 stg) for just the turbo.
Laguna dci about to fail? - volcane
If you are anywhere near Shercock in Cavan give diesel engineering services a call their site is des.ie. They are diesel injection and turbo experts.
Laguna dci about to fail? - Screwloose
I hate...

I've never bought into the "cooked bearings" idea. Turbo "bearings" are flood-cooled by the oil flow and a stuck EGR lets compressed air into the exhaust from the inlet side; not the other way, as happens at idle. Turbo overspeed is far more likely to do the sort of damage that you've described.

If the EGR was stuck open and he didn't do anything about it; then, yes - the original turbo failure would just repeat itself. How long did the new turbo last - until the first road-test?
Laguna dci about to fail? - I hate Laguna II's

Once again thanks for the reply. He said it didn't last at all, as in he never got it to run properly. From what I can gather it continued to smoke and the oil level contiued to drop. He said he ended up putting 5ltrs in to it. The "cooked brearings" term is only my simplistic way of describing what happened to the turbo. So new EGR + turbo + intercooler + prayers? Obviously extracting the car from him would be my best option but as I said this could prove difficult if I persue this path.
Laguna dci about to fail? - Xileno {P}
The only proper solution is a new turbo, new intercooler, new EGR valve and new associated pipework including modified oil feed pipes to the turbo.

It should have gone to Renault and been looked at under the Yellow OTS.
Laguna dci about to fail? - I hate Laguna II's
I hope you can help. My engine managment light was coming on when my dci laguna was cold and when I pushed it a little to hard first thing in the morning. I would typically bring it to a halt and restart and it was like this for a couple of years.

Recently, friends talked about my car being smokey and I changed the oil which was well overdue (20K and 2 years). Recently the managament light was coming on more often and then today I got the dreaded runaway but I think I caught it pretty fast i.e it lasted seconds.

I'm planning on fitting a reconditioned turbo from Essex but I'm wonddering about the need to replace the EGR valve. Can they be cleaned?

Are there any key points that I need to advise my relatively inexperienced mechanic on? Cash is not that plentiful so I'm somewhat forced down this alternative route.

Laguna dci about to fail? - JohnBun
Hi a few months ago I bought a 02Laguna1.9dci for agood price. however last week I was coming off the motorway and the revs just died on me. I managed to limp as far as the service area before It gave up completely. The engine starts in an ok manner but as soon as you put it in gear and release the clutch, it dies again. Does anyone know what this is or has experienced it? About4weeks ago there was a small bit(3or4l)of petrol put in by my sister on top of a quarter tank of diesel which was then filled up with diesel and the tank had been filled a few times since. Would this be a contributing factor? Any help or thoughts aside from keeping my sister away from the car would be appreciated.

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