Cars for kids - Rick Laughton
We have 2 boys (aged 5 and 3) & a baby on the way. Can anyone recommend a large hatchback that will take 3 child seats in the back.

Obviously this means that the centre rear seat has a 3 point belt, but in my present Primera, 3 seats will not actually fit in.

I have looked at the Scenic, and the Multipla (which incidentally I find quite attractive - but then I am a Primera owner!!) - but want something that will also have the practicality of a hatchback.

Any suggestions?

Re: Cars for kids - honest john
Citroen Picasso. It has a larger centre rear seat than the Scenic. And the special offers on them make them excellent value.

Re: Cars for kids - Rick Laughton
Thanx HJ!

Would a used Mondeo also be suitable? (I am considering secondhand at present - and I suspect that the Picasso is too new to be on the market yet?


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