1996 VW Polo Suspension Strut - Scampy
I intend to replace the front Suspension Strut mounting and bearing. In order to remove the strut, I need a 7mm allen key and 21mm spanner to remove the stop plate

once the strut is removed from the car, what tools do I need to remove the suspension strut mounting apart from the spring compressor and allen key? According to Haynes I need "deep socket with hex flats on it" to remove the shock absorber top nut, but no size is given. I am assuming this nut size is also 21 mm.

I have been to a motor factor who sell a tool with lugs on it which locate in this nut but apparently this should also be used for the top nut but there are no locations for the lugs.
1996 VW Polo Suspension Strut - bell boy
i nearly replaced some polo strut mounting bearings on a polo the other week because they were baggy when checking the balljoints prior to its mot,i found out that this is factory standard slop so dont be changing them needlessly
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1996 VW Polo Suspension Strut - Scampy

Thanks for info, car passed MOT today without strut mountings requiring replacement, just a comment to say that suspension bushes on wishbones will need changing before next MOT
1996 VW Polo Suspension Strut - tonyglover9
nice one oldman
1996 VW Polo Suspension Strut - George Porge
I use a standard 21mm socket with 2 flats ground on the top and grip it with an adjustable spanner, grind the flats parralel to the square drive. The 7mm is an old imperial allen key ground down to fit, it needs to be a good fit and a piece of tube over the allen key to give more leverage. Compress the spring and drive the castlated nut with an old screwdriver and a hammer. Used this method a few times and it works for me. Good luck with it
1996 VW Polo Suspension Strut - George Porge
Oh forgot, cover the top of the wing to prevent damage to the paintwork
1996 VW Polo Suspension Strut - Scampy

Thanks for the info, I was thinking along those lines
1996 VW Polo Suspension Strut - George Porge
Undo the top nut before you jack up the car, you'll find it easier as the nut will be freer to move as its not holding the suspension up. Fit a new nylock nut, tighten with the wheel on the ground ;-)
1996 VW Polo Suspension Strut - 659FBE
Slacken the top nut by all means, but never take it off until the spring is safely compressed, otherwise damage and injury will occur if the spring gets free.

1996 VW Polo Suspension Strut - George Porge
The top nut does'nt hold the spring tension, there's a second castleated nut that holds the complete assembly together. Undo the top nut, unclip the brake hose, undo the two strut to hub bolts and remove from the car before compressing the spring and undoing the castleated nut.

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