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Loss of power - PeterT
Whilst dring home last evening I lost power from the engine and when trying to acellerate heard rattleing noise from the engine. Further on when moving off from the traffic lights clouds of smoke came from the exhaust.
I feel this could be expensive !!
Has anyone any ideas of the problem and if so is it a stock fault and do BMW help with costs? The car is four years old an has covered 40K miles as has been regularly serviced.
Peter T


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BMW320D loss of power - ma
Had you just refueled per chance?
BMW320D loss of power - Altea Ego
Its sounds like Turbo related problem. This could be anything from a £5 split hose to a brand new very expensive turbo

TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
BMW320D loss of power - Dude - {P}
If the car has a full Main Dealer service history, BMW could well cover quite a proportion of the cost. Can you confirm whether this is the 150 bhp common rail engine or the 136 bhp unit.?????

I would suggest you join the BMW Land forum and run a search on there :
BMW320D loss of power - Aprilia
I think the turbo has failed......
BMW320D loss of power - PeterT
Thanks for the input from everyone.
The engine is the 150BHP common rail unit. When checked this morning the oil level was low ( normally doesn't use much) and the engine failed to turn over - hope its not seised !!
Hava had to have it recovered to the garage and i am applying for a second job !!

Peter T
BMW320D loss of power - Hamsafar
April fool from BMW.
This is a disgustingly common problem on this engine, especially early ones, usually very expensive turbo failure which also fills the exhaust, o2 sensors and catalytic convertors with oil. Mostly they have gone under warranty.
BMW320D loss of power - Aprilia
Yes, its true that turbo failure is apparently quite common on these....Nasty!
BMW320D loss of power - Xileno {P}
Just as well you've been getting 50mpg.
BMW320D loss of power - Dude - {P}

>>>>Yes, its true that turbo failure is apparently quite common on these....Nasty!>>>>>

BMW introduced a revised black dot turbo during 2003 and hopefully problem now under control.

An assurance that problems with BMW 3 Series two-litre turbo diesel engines had been solved was given by company public affairs and communications boss Richard Carter at the launch of the uprated 3 Series last week.

Carter conceded that there had been failures of the turbos on the two-litre models.

He attributed these to a combination of ?sonic vibrations? within a particular rev range ?destroying? the turbo impellers.

Extensive tests in South Africa and in Germany had eventually traced the problems to a chain of circumstances occurring within ?milliseconds? and in which air pressure and altitude played critical roles, rather than temperatures.

Style of driving and clutch use could also have been factors in the failures, said Carter. But various changes had been made and a new ?blackdot? turbocharger and a new Software 4 programme seemed to have solved the problem.

Carter said the 320d had experienced a ?zero failure rate? using the new turbo and software over the past three to four months.

?We are confident the problem is under control,? added Carter, who said 320d sales and resale values had suffered because of the turbo failures.

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BMW320D loss of power - Aprilia
All very good. But what are BMW doing to compensate unfortunate owners like the original poster - who has a car more than four years old and is looking at a very big bill to rectify this admitted design fault?
BMW320D loss of power - Dude - {P}

>>>All very good. But what are BMW doing to compensate unfortunate owners like the original poster >>>>

Providing the original poster`s car has a full BMW service history, even though it is out of the 3 year warranty, if he uses the information provided within this thread, I will be very surprised if they do not contribute to most of the cost of replacement.

I would add that turbo problems are not unique to BMW, even Honda`s acclaimed new 2.2CDt has had problems, and Honda, along with BMW, are amongst the finest engine builders in the world. Even Subaru, a company I hold in high regard, experience their share of turbo failures with their petrol units.!!!!

Many of these problems are being caused by manufacturers now offering extended service intervals, (up to 25k between oil/filter changes), to appease fleet sales managers in reducing their servicing expenses, with scant regard for the long term welfare of the engine.

A certain portion of blame can also be attributed to operator ignorance in not allowing a turbo adequate time to spool down, particularly after a long high speed motorway journey, which is absolutely imperative to prolong turbo longevity.
BMW320D loss of power - jc2
Also,early turbos were scaled-down truck turbos with truck reliability;now there are unique car turbos and neither Honda nor Subaru make their own turbos;they fit proprietary ones like all other manufacturers.
BMW320D loss of power - Dude - {P}
BMW, like many other manufacturers including Honda, rely on turbos supplied by Garrett.
BMW320D loss of power - bimmer-driver
So presumably its not Garretts fault if turbos fail on a certain engine, its the engine manufacturer for not designing the installation properly? Like Reanults Dci engine?
BMW320D loss of power - Craig_1969 is the best forum for info, a 320d or 330d just blew its turbo and there is a thread or two on blown turbo's.

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