A new toll road? - daveyjp

I went on the existing toll road for the first time over Christmas as an alternative to the A38, A446 route to the M42. Cost of £3.50 seemed a lot for the distance I covered and the time saved as a result, although if I'd driven as fast as some of the loonies on there I wold have saved a load more time! Is this road the unofficial testing ground for powerful 4x4s? I was left standing by a Porsche Cayenne and an X5!
A new toll road? - Altea Ego
Its quick no doubt about it. The old bill have noticed its quick as well, it s become a favoured hunting ground, lots of rich pickings
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A new toll road? - Bill Payer
After being a conscientious objector (and I can claim the cost back on expenses) since it opened, I?ve lapsed and used it several times in the last few months. I?d say that on most of the trips I?ve seen someone stopped by an unmarked Police car, usually a Volvo S60.
The last time I used it, just before Christmas, I drove the whole length South with cruise set at what seemed a reasonable speed and never I moved out of lane 1. A 3 Series BMW went past (in lane 3 the whole time I saw it) at a speed which took my breath away ? given that traffic often travels at 100MPH I reckon it was certainly doing 130MPH and possibly a lot more. Nothing dangerous about that, but you really draw attention to yourself, which does carry the danger of losing your licence.


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