To Inspect or not to inspect - Simone
I'm going to look at a car from a Vauxhall dealer tomorrow. The car will be covered by Network Q, and has had 114 point check. Should I still pay out to have it inspected.
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i have heard some iffy stories about network Q, so i would get an ABS inspection.
Re: To Inspect or not to inspect - David Withers
Ladas -- Could you give us some examples of the 'iffy stories' you've heard so we know what sort of problem they related to. Thanks.
Re: To Inspect or not to inspect - ladas are slow
on watchdog a man bought a bmw from them, it looked in nice condition, but he later found out that a wall at the dealership fell onto the car, making the car a class B insurance job.

also on BBC watchdog was a man who bought a demonstration corsa, but the car was later found out to be a courtesy car for a driving school, and seeing as the car was a year old, it had been hammered during this time.

at the end of the program when they see how many people have phoned/emailed/faxed them, about another 50 people had got in touch with watchdog to complain about network Q.
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Well I wouldn't like to buy a car from any of the other manufacturers then given that Network Q wins the Best Used Car program award virtually every year from all the magazines/car associations etc...
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Thanks for the reply, Ladas.

I do think that Watchdog sometimes latches onto faults and problems that are not truly representative of the whole and then blows these out of all proportion. 50 people complaining would worry me though!

Re: To Inspect or not to inspect - Mark (Brazil)
I guess it depends what you are having it inspected for, and how much you`re paying for it. Also the age and potential cost of repair.

I wouldn`t bother with the inspection myself, but that might be too trusting for some; I only ever had one experience with Network Q and it was a good one, but I could have been lucky.

Re: To Inspect or not to inspect - Dan J
Just bought a Vectra from Network Q. I paid slightly over the odds for it but for the guarantee it was worth it. How many other used car networks guarantee clutches and brake pads?

Vauxhall do many checks prior to actually selling the cars on as the guarantee is so comprehensive it is a pain to both them and the dealer if the car has serious faults. Also, as you buy, Network Q check the car has no outstanding finance etc through an HPI check.

My local Vauxhall garage had received three Vectras of interest to myself about the time I was buying. I know as a fact that they all got the equivalent of a pre-delivery inspection when they arrived at the dealer. I had been interested in one of them in particular because of the colour but was told that one was sub-standard and had not been cared for properly and was subsequently going back to Vauxhall.

Short answer is Network Q is an excellent way to buy a used Vauxhall and I don't think there is any necessity for further checks on the car.

Dan J
Re: To Inspect or not to inspect - Simone
Thanks Dan J for your input. The car is a ex-mobility car so there will not be any outstanding finance.

Re: To Inspect or not to inspect - Steve G
Why not ask to see the 114 point inspection report they carried out ? This will indicate what needed fixing/replacing e.t.c.
My father bought a Network Q car many years ago. On delivery of the car he noticed the front tyres were illegal and the rear tyres were just legal.Vauxhall paid out for 4 new tyres but it made him wonder just what else had been missed on the inspection.
Re: To Inspect or not to inspect - Pat

Excellent point. I just don't trust any of these so called inspection/guaranteee schemes. I once bought a Cavalier from a Vauxhall dealer Network Q, and found that it was ticking over at about 2,000rpm. I also wondered what else had been missed in the 'inspection'.

Had an AA inspection on Merc 190E a few years ago despite the fact that it had just been dealer serviced, and it was very thorough but not cheap. AA found a nail in one of the front tyres and revealed one panel to have been repainted. I used this to negotiate on the price.

Get an inspection, Simone, and then get your money back by negotiating the price.

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yet another example of so much valuable information coming via this site - HJ, do you ever get any feedback that suggests manufacturers get to hear of items posted here .. and take notice?
Re: To Inspect or not to inspect - Andy Bairsto
I suppose it all depends on the Garage and the mechanic who does it but on the whole I would think they are very good and a clutch gaurantee on a Vectra is a must due to its complexity in changing it.
Re: To Inspect or not to inspect - Vin
>50 people complaining would worry me though!

Depends if Network Q sells 500 or 500,000 cars a year, surely? Anyone know?
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and those 50 people were only the people who were watching the program, when you think that the program is on the same time as 'coronation street', it makes you wonder how many other people are out there who are not happy with network Q.
Re: To Inspect or not to inspect - Miller
An ex boss bought a network Q car and 2 days later the exhaust fell off, totally rusted through. I'd of loved to have been a fly on the wall when he went back to complain, explaining that his ten year old son noticed it was about to go as soon as his father had just brought it after buying it, but the network Q bloke had not!

Dan J, you sound like a Vauxhall employee to me!
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sorry, should read "brought it home after buying it"

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