Audi 80 How do you grease CV joints? - mak
Hello there,
Replacing both outer cv joints. Apologies for asking the obvious, but how do you grease new CV joints? Do I put some behind the ball bearings via the hole for the driveshaft? Do I fill the 'gap' where the driveshaft and hub bolt meet in the joint? I cannot 'move' the joint by hand into its varios angles to expose some room around the ball bearings. Haynes just says 'fill the outer joint, working well into both sides of the joint'. The joints have only ONE side exposed, the other being solid apart from the hole for the hub bolt.
Many thanks.
Audi 80 How do you grease CV joints? - Number_Cruncher
I tend to squirt the grease down through the splined hole where the driveshaft goes until the void beneath and the splined hole itself is quite full. Then as the driveshaft goes in, I give the joint a wiggle as the grease is being extruded out past the bearing surfaces.

Any remaining grease in the provided sachet goes into the boot, so there is plenty of grease on each side of the assembled joint.

I can't think of a way to give a more even coverage without taking the joint to bits, and getting grease everywhere!

Audi 80 How do you grease CV joints? - steveo30
id imagine you will be able to move the joint once its on the shaft..if you cant, then how about leave the boot loose and turn the road wheel while on full lock to allow you grease it well the attach the boot

Audi 80 How do you grease CV joints? - 659FBE
The only things which matter (other than obvious houskeeping issues such as cleanliness) when packing drive joints are the type and quantity of grease. Once the joint has been cycled lock to lock and run up to 70 mph, centrifugal force will take care of the distribution of grease. After all, they all look much the same when you take an (intact) boot off.

A far more common mistake is to use CV joint grease in a tripode non constant velocity inner joint. Molybdenum disulphide grese is not suitable for any joint or bearing containing needle rollers - a lithium based EP grease should be used instead.


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