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Hi all,

First post. I need some help with the airbag system on my 1997 Mk4 Ford Fiesta Diesel Ghia.
The airbag light flashes quickly 4 times, goes out for a second, then flashes 4 times again and so on.......
Reading other forum posts on this subject has helped me trace the fault to a broken cable / wire underneath the front passenger seat. This controls the seat belt pre - tensioners and is a yellow cable / wire that runs from a plug on the innermost seat rail to another plug that is under a piece of trim near the door sill. It's snapped away from its plug at the door end and the plug has been removed by the previous owner so all i have is two bare wires. The plug it should connect to is still there and connected to a wire that runs under the carpet towards the front of the car.
The bare wires are black/white & purple/white and the wires that lead off towards the front of the car are orange/purple & black/red.
Problem is, i don't know which wire joins which so if anyone has a Mk4 Fiesta and wouldn't mind helping out, can you please have a look at the wiring underneath the trim between the front passenger seat and the door sill and let me know which of the above wires joins which?
Any help you could offer would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Ford Fiesta MK4 - elekie&a/c doctor
This circuit for the seat belt tensioner is not polarity affected ,so the wires can be connected either way.
Ford Fiesta MK4 - Topknocka
Cheers Mate
Ford Fiesta MK4 - Topknocka
Also, should i disconnect the battery before i do this? any other handy tips would be most welcome.
Ford Fiesta MK4 - elekie&a/c doctor
Not necessary to dis battery.I would solder the joints & insulate as required.
Ford Fiesta MK4 - Topknocka
Thanks again!

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