Rogue fencepost sprang up & bit Polo! ;) - PoloGirl
Yes...I've done it again. It's actually taken me almost a week to admit to it, and only now because I need some expert Backroom help, so please be gentle. :)

The parking at our HQ is appalling - it's an 'abandon your car anywhere and spend the whole day jumping up and down to play car chess' situation. Ironically, I was moving my car further onto the verge so that noone would scrape the driver's side squeezing past, and I rubbed a little fence post thing all down the passenger door.

It's not scraped, but scuffed. I mean, it's not through to the metal, but there is a white mark that wont polish off. It's also dented, but the paint isn't broken, just scuffed, which doesn't look great on a metallic black car.

If Dentwizard can't help when the paint is broken, and Chipsaway can't do it if there's a dent, who do I need to call? Does a scuff count as the paint being broken?

Rogue fencepost sprang up & bit Polo! ;) - school boy
Try T-Cut, but only if repairing the paint.
But be careful beacause it takes the top of the paint.
Rogue fencepost sprang up & bit Polo! ;) - andyconda
How about "Colour Magic" polish?? Works well on light scratches...
Rogue fencepost sprang up & bit Polo! ;) - DavidHM
Possibly both? Obviously neither can do it in isolation, and you don't want to go to a full service bodyshop, but in combination it seems that if you pulled the dent out and then filled the scratch, it would be fine.

Of course you may find that neither would be prepared to take responsibility for the quality of the first repair, so you'd be stuck, but I'd at least get the two separate quotes and then explain to whichever got to go first that there was both a dent and a scuff.
Rogue fencepost sprang up & bit Polo! ;) - Blue {P}
That's how we used to fix dented and scratched cars on the cheap.

Dent Wizard would turn up and pull the dent out, then we would call Fade Away and they would re-spray the damaged paintwork. Not always quite as good as a bodyshop job but it seemed to cost us a bit less on some occasions.

Of course if the crease in the metal was anything like a sharp one it would just go straight to the bodyshop to be filled and resprayed.

I would get quotes off both, if they are ok then get Dent Master/Devils/Wizard to pull the dent out and only then get chipsaway to fix the paintwork. But also get a quote from a cheapish bodyshop 'cos that may work out better as it's more of a onestop shop and the repair is likely to be more perfect.

Good luck!

Rogue fencepost sprang up & bit Polo! ;) - Dalglish
doesn't look great on a metallic black car


the white mark may be the scratched lacquer.


Rogue fencepost sprang up & bit Polo! ;) - Avant
So easy to do - you have my total sympathy. I agree - you may need both the dent and chip merchants, but even that should be cheaper than the dreaded bodyshop and the inward sucking of teeth.

Now is the time to admit that (a) occasionally I have to go on a train, to London; (b) that I have reversed into a horizontal girder in Reading station car park and there is a small, very shallow, six-inch long crease in the tailgate of the Audi.

I'd be interested in anyone's experience of Dentmaster (or Wizard)- who is best and do they give value for money? I wonder whether a shallow crease can be pulled out in the same way as a deeper dent.
Rogue fencepost sprang up & bit Polo! ;) - Blue {P}
Have had superb experience with Dent Wizard (I think it was Dent Wizard, but maybe it was Master) during my time in the trade.

The same guy always did our work and he did it well, he even removed a very sharp loacalised dent from the side of my Fiesta and it was un-noticeable afterwards. The best way I can describe the dent was to imagine someone shot the side of your car from close range with an air pellet gun, not nice, and he said it was a bit of a swine to get out.

I saw him remove very shallow dents that were barely noticeable, through to massive dents that had affected the entire rear quater of an Integra.

Thoroughly recommended, I'm about to get his number from my old work and get him to fix my dad's Z4 after someone put a small, sharp dent in the door. These are the hardest type to remove apparently as the metal is normally stretched.

Rogue fencepost sprang up & bit Polo! ;) - Leon on Derv
Read something the other week on another fourm about a similar situation. Someone had recommended T-cut, Brasso and toothpaste. Their theory was these were three varingly abrasive readily available cutting compounds.

They started with the most abrassive and worked back using the least abraisive then coated the affected are with polish.

Only trouble is I cant recall the sequence - maybe someone can put the three substances in the correct order.

If there is a dent I saw something advertised on a motor factors web site.... Two ticks.....

it was a similar bit of kit to this for £15. I did intend to post at the time enquiring if anyone had experience of how effective this would be on door dings caused by car park carelessness. Could be worth a try you could always use the glue gun for other things if it turns out to be junk!

Leon (no association with the seller or manufacturer)
Rogue fencepost sprang up & bit Polo! ;) - Leon on Derv
If you need one of those touch up paint things there is a metallic balck VW one in my garage (I think) from when leoness had her black golf. Paint and laquer. Used it on stone chips before selling the car on. You are welcome to it if you want it.

Rogue fencepost sprang up & bit Polo! ;) - PoloGirl
Ahh you're all lovely.

I'm working for part of this weekend, but I'll get onto the wizard and chipsaway people and get them to come and have a look I think.

Rogue fencepost sprang up & bit Polo! ;) - David Horn
Hmm. I put a very impressive supermarket ding into a black Audi at my local Tesco last year. Woman driving it, pulled into one of the (very rarely) available disabled spaces.

She got out without displaying a badge, waltzed across to the shop while talking on a mobile and smoking a cigarette. I wandered along behind the car and my heavily laden trolley accidentally took a swing towards the car. No so much a dent as a scrape, but I did admire my handiwork.

My grandma finds it really difficult to walk long distances so she requires the disabled spaces.
Rogue fencepost sprang up & bit Polo! ;) - Dalglish
Hmm. I put a very impressive supermarket ding into ...
... a scrape, but I did admire my handiwork.


are you by any chance the "artist" that was in the news a few days ago?

anyhow, your handiwork probably cost the driver nothing, as it was probably a company car and fully covered by their insurance. or it was covered by her own comprehensive policy.

your handiwork probably ended up putting up premiums for the rest of the law abiding motorists.

Rogue fencepost sprang up & bit Polo! ;) - David Horn
'Fraid not, but it did make me feel better. Dunno if it was a company car or not but since it already had a scrape on one wing (probably the same car park, it has evil bollards) I doubt she'd have claimed on insurance.

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