Saxo suspension - Carl
My two year old Saxo has a loud knock when changing gear on the move.
It sounds like a worn drive shaft [has only done 9000miles. it is a 1.1].
My local Citroen dealer says this is normal. In amazement at this I contacted Citroen Customer Care in Slough. They say they are aware of a noise but it is nothing to worry about and I should expect such things on a mass produced car. I have stopped other owners who don't know what I am talking about.
Now what shall I do ????
Re: Saxo suspension - Andrew
Does the noise go away if you lift the clutch pedal slower than you are at present , could be mechanical backlash
Re: Saxo suspension - Carl
Thanks for both replies. Yes the noise does go away if I lift off the clutch a little slower.
Re: Saxo suspension - Richard Hall
Small Citroen gearboxes are rather crude devices. When I bought my only ever new car, an AX10 4-speed, I took it back to the dealer because it whined noticeably, especially in third. The dealer said 'they all do that, sir' and took me out in their demonstrator to prove it. The gearbox was noisier than the one in my car. 70,000 miles on, it hasn't fallen apart yet.

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