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Author: Roger K. (---.cache.pol.co.uk)
Date: 02-12-01 16:40

I have recently had some warranty work (used car) carried out by a well known Rover main dealer in SE London.

I had a lower radiator outlet pipe split.
I took the car to the dealer and explained the exact fault - I even drew a diagram for them! (I knew the precise details because I had to effect emergency repairs in order to get the vehicle to the garage)

They charged me for a radiator pressure-test , saying this was a requirement of the insurers, before they would agree to the claim. I checked with the warranty company who said they did not ask for any diagnostic work.

I am disputing the garage fee ( 0.4 hour @ £64 per hour) saying that the test was unnecessary and in any event, they would have seen the fault if they had simply removed the bottom hose--work that they have already been paid for.

It would seem that diagnostic work is not covered by the warranty, but this is not stated in the policy document.
After lots of correspondence, I have received a cheque for the disputed amount! Be aware of this ploy!!
Warranty - David Lacey
Diagnostic work is not covered by any Mechanical Breakdown Warranty.
Never has been and I doubt that it ever will be.


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