Autoglym advice needed please - holly1
Thinking of re-applying the Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection to my car. This will be the first re-application and I am not too sure how to do it.

Do I

Wash, Dry, Apply?


Wash, Dry, Polish, then Apply?

If I need to polish the car before re-application, can anyone suggest a good polish. In recent years I have used the Super Resin Polish but some people here have suggested it has a slight cutting action and the paintwork on my car is pretty good so certainly dont want to apply any "cutting" products. Have used Mer in the past but not with this car.

If its any help the car is black.

Autoglym advice needed please - patently
The point of polish is that is is slightly abrasive. However, it is not as abrasive as T-cut or similar. It is intended to remove the previous layers of wax etc for a fresh start.

Whether to polish first depends on the condition of the car. If it is very good then by all means wash, dry and apply. However, if there are blemishes then you will be sealing them in under the wax. Generally, it will only be in this good state if it was polished and waxed well originally and has been properly washed with a good shampoo since then.

How long is it since the original application? If the paintwork is in good condition then many settle into a routine of polishing annually and waxing every six months.
Autoglym advice needed please - Roger Jones
Good question.

I would wash, dry, polish with Autoglym Super Resin Polish, then apply Extra Gloss Protection and leave it unpolished in the dry for at least several hours and perhaps a whole day or more. Autoglym advise that the longer it is left unpolished, the more effective it is. I think HJ recommends several coats for the best result. I guess you could skip the first polish, but I'm a bit belt & braces about the process, and more polish can only do good.

I have seen comments about the Super Resin Polish having a cutting effect. I don't disbelieve them, but I do think the effect must be very mild indeed and I can't see Autoglym recommending any other polish anyway. Indeed, I have tried repeated vigorous application (i.e. hard rubbing) and polishing of it in order to remove some very superficial hairline scratches on the filler-cap cover on my black Golf VR6; although the gloss finish disguises them, they are still there.


and you'll find advice and tips there. They also publish a very thorough handbook on the whole cleaning process, probably available free of charge, since it does of course promote their own products.
Autoglym advice needed please - livefortheday
Definately use Super Resin polish first as the Extra Gloss Protection has NO cutting paste however minor in its "mix".

Leave it on for a few hours. The longer the better really.
Autoglym advice needed please - wantone
use the srp then the egp.
when it says it has a slight cutting action you could polish it 100 times in a row it still wouldnt cut the paint its very tame!!
Autoglym advice needed please - Stuartli
Just for interest. AutoGlym has launched its first new retail polish for 23 years - Ultra Deep Shine at £11.99 for a half-litre bottle - which it claims has taken seven years to develop.

To quote AutoGlym's Press release: "Formulated by Autoglym?s R&D laboratory particularly for dark-coloured vehicles or those with the latest water-based and high solids finish, Ultra Deep Shine eliminates swirls, haze, greasiness and dust to produce a brilliant crystal-clear smear-free shine".

Anyone used it yet?

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Autoglym advice needed please - Rishab C
If you're going to leave a car unpolished, best to do it inside, as it's surprising how much dust gets on the car outside, especially if there is something for it to stick to such as water or polish.
Autoglym advice needed please - holly1
Thanks for the advice everyone. Extra Gloss Protection is a new product to me, only used it for the first time in September 2004. I had heard that I should reapply it every 6 months in to keep the protection levels up - the more layers added the harder to coating.

With people saying the Super Resin Polish has a slight cutting action I wasnt too sure about using it before applying another layer of the Extra Gloss Protection in case it removed the previous layer in some way - bearing in mind what I had been told about the more layers added the harder the coating.
Autoglym advice needed please - patently
With people saying the Super Resin Polish has a slight cutting
action I wasnt too sure about using it before applying another
layer of the Extra Gloss Protection in case it removed the
previous layer in some way

Yes - it will. The question is whether the condition of the outer EGP layer warrants that - are you better to strip & start again or to add to the present layer.
Autoglym advice needed please - Stuartli
I've found that the one minor irritation with Super Resin Polish is that it loses its beading action sooner than most polishes; as a result I've applied CarPlan Triplewax on top (followed up recent BR tip of it being sold off at Tesco for 55p!).

It's very easy to apply as it proved to be a soft liquid rather than a solid form of earlier such products - I suspect that many Tesco shoppers probably thought the same and avoided it.
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Autoglym advice needed please - holly1
I emailed Autoglym Customer Services and this is the reply I received:

"Basically, the Extra Gloss Protection is purely a paint sealant that gives around 6-8 months protection it does not have the "cleaning" properties of a polish e.g. Super Resin Polish.
You can use Extra Gloss on its own and I would recommend that you apply one coat around twice a year. You may wish to apply a coat of the Super Resin Polish first. Polish and sealants do wear off after a time so you won't be layering the product on."

I presume when they say "cleaning" them mean slight cutting action.

So, think my next step is to find a dry day, clean the car and have a good look at the paintwork. If its looking a bit, well dirty, then I will use the SRP first, otherwise its straight on with the EGP.
Autoglym advice needed please - Steve S
The SRP is mildly abrasive. Not that you'd notice on a general application but you can use it in a concentrated way to remove isolated light scratches, such as those caused by brushing against hedges on narrow lanes.

It takes time and a lot of hard rubbing but I prefer that to using cutting polish.

If you ever use a cutting polish to remove a deeper scratch, SRP is good to even out the result before topping off with EGP.

By the way, I'm sure there may be benefits to leaving EGP a while before you buff it up, but I'd be loathe to wait too long for reasons given elsewhere about avoiding dirt/dust getting into it.

It can never hurt to regularly top up the gloss when you have the right finish.

Good luck.
Autoglym advice needed please - steveb
Can anyone confirm the differences between EGP and a good wax product (Meguires etc)? Have used Megs 3 stage products recently and the results are excellent. The final wax coat can be topped up as often as necessary after washing.


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