Central Locking - it pays to check - Mike M
This is a 'don't assume, check!' story and one which could have cost me my car, or at least its contents.

Every time I 'plip' the car key on my 406 to lock it, I assume it has locked all the doors and the boot because I hear the sound of the central locking motors and see the indicators flash. Well, this morning I locked the car as usual, but then for some reason checked my rear offside doorhandle as I walked away. I was shocked to find it unlocked. All the other doors and the boot were working fine and I've no idea how long this one door, the one that is used the least, has been faulty. Anyway, I think I'll do a periodic check from now on to check just to make sure its all working.

And the problem? A dirty connection in the plug/socket between the door and the body and cured with some Electrolube.
Central Locking - it pays to check - Xileno {P}
Problem is with the Renault keyless system, if you do this the doors will unlock automatically. I think you have three seconds or something in which to check before they unlock.

It's a great system on balance though, can't be bothered with keys now!

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