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Author: Roger K. (
Date: 05-12-01 21:13

I had a car die on me recently: all ignition circuits were dead and no ignition light. Lights and hazards working and central locking.
I checked fuses and fusible links and looked for loose connections.
After about an hour, the warning lights came on and the car started and ran normally.

My prime suspect is the ignition switch, although the car seems to be OK now.
Any ideas?


I have now changed the printed-circuit fuse panel assembly (£140!)
I have been told by an experienced mobile auto-electrician that this breakdown of the printed circuit boards is a common fault, especially on Fords and Rovers, and often results in one circuit having an unusual and difficult to locate fault. Let's hope this is the answer!
Re: Non-start update - Andrew Hamilton
I usually examine a failed pcb carefully for hairline cracks caused by stress or bits eaten away by water corrosion. After cleaning with brasso, I resolder across if necessarily using a wire and finish with WD40 to clean any corrosion off.
Re: Non-start update - ian (cape town)
Dry joints on the board - happens, and on "long-running" productions, happens much more frequently. (cars, TVs anything which don't change its design for a while)
The solder deteriorates while in storage, after manufacture of the board, and if it sits on the shelf for a long while, is prone to dry-jointing after all the components are added.
Re: Non-start update - John
I had the same problem with a golf recently. Tried all the useful suggestions, poor earth contacts etc. and then go the battery tested. It was dud so replaced it and the problem has gone away. May be that simple?

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