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windscreen washer bottle removal mondeo - awasawas
water does not come out of the windscreen jets although the bottle has water and jets are clean and the motors driving the water are working. [ I can hear them]. How do I get to the water bottle to check the valves at the bottom of the bottle please?

Mondeo auto 1.8 M reg.
windscreen washer bottle removal mondeo - Dynamic Dave

The following thread is for an X reg Mondeo, but could well be the same details for your car:-


windscreen washer bottle removal mondeo - mjm
Before you go to those lengths, try the following: -
1 remove the pipe supplying one of the jets and try the washers. If they work the jets are blocked.(The jets may have dirt built up behind them which a pin through the front won't shift.)
2 If water still doesn't come out, trace the pipes back down towards the bottle. There may be a non-return valve part way down. Take the pipe off on the bottle side of the valve and try the pump again. If it now works the non-return valve is sticking.
I don't know the Mondeo specifically, and this may be of no use, but it is worth a try.
If it is the non-return valve, I have taken them apart and thrown the innards away. this gives a delay of 1/2 sec or so before the water hits the screen but it won't fail again, and the pipe feeding the jets will empty back into the bottle, less likely to freeze in cold weather!

Modern cars seem to put these bottles behind the front bumper, in a wing. Headache to reach.
windscreen washer bottle removal mondeo - henry k
It is a well known problem with the Mondeo.
The pipe comes off or loose from the bottle in the drivers side front wing.
Usual test is, in the dry, use the washers and see if you get a puddle on the ground.
I understand you can feel up and push the pipe back on.
Some recommend putting plastic ties on to stop it happening.
It is a regular query on the Mondeo site.
windscreen washer bottle removal mondeo - Galaxy
There's a rubber sleeve with a filter it it which fits into the bottom of the washer bottle, and the pump is a push fit into the sleeve.

The filter blocks up with muck.

Remove radiator undershield to obtain access, Haynes say loosen bottle to remove pump, but I managed to get the pump off without, just! If you haven't removed the water from the bottle first you will get rather wet at this stage! While you're under there, as others have said, check pipes are still attached, and fit cable ties if you like to prevent future problems.

Remove sleeve and wash muck from filter under hot tap.

While you're about it, good idea to wash out washer bottle, too, before replacing filter. I wouldn't use boiling water, thought.

Good Luck!


windscreen washer bottle removal mondeo - mjm
Sorry, Awasawas, I may have unintentionally misled you. Hope you didn't waste too much time.
I was only trying to help.
Hope you are sorted now.
windscreen washer bottle removal mondeo - Kevin
Don't think you misled him, sounded like commonsense faulfinding procedure to me.

windscreen washer bottle removal mondeo - mjm
Thanks, Kev.

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