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Electrical problem - Andrew T
Vehicle - 205 GTx, 93K, 48000 miles

Symptom - intermittent erratic clicking (as of a relay) from behind the dash (driver's side). Sometimes, when the engine is fully warmed up and doing 3000 rpm, this escalates into a chatter which occasionally triggers the central locking. No effect on running of the car.

Further info - Car is kept outdoors, has no known leaks and is free of body damage. C-L is factory-fitted but linked to an original-fit Peugeot remote alarm which is no longer operative and is switched out. Battery connections have been checked. Cannot identify any obvious culprit wher the sound seems to come from (near ECU?)

Any ideas anyone ?
Re: Electrical problem - Tom Shaw
Had the same thing on a 205 diesel of my wifes about 5 - 6 years ago. Did not cause problems with any other equipment (I can't remember whether that car had central locking or not) She always mentioned it when the car went in for a service but it never happened when the mechanic drove it (How many times have you heard that before). It persisted all the time she had the car, for about 80,000 miles and apart from driving her mad it did not seem to have any ill effect.
Re: Electrical problem - Phil P
Andrew, wonder whether you could track down the problem by removing fuses in turn for non-essential circuits?
Re: Electrical problem - Stuart B
Andrew had this on a 405, as you say it sounds like a relay and then the central locking goes bananas, it was a 92K.

This and a load of other faults were eventually traced to a problem with the wiring loom associated with the alarm causing an intermittent short. Certainly I found switching the alarm out, (is there a key lock under the bonnet) did not cure the problem, but some of them were less noisy.

Obviously its a bit of a wild guess re a 205 but hope that helps. Also the earth block somewhere on the front panel was a bitch when I had a 205, but it was an 87 so maybe things have changed.
Re: Electrical problem - green pug monsta
had any running problems or starting problems?????? Could be the fuel pump relay as i know these are situated near the ecu. With the 205 gti ( of which i think the gtx is the euro version) though, they tend to vary the position dependent on model (1.6 or 1.9) and age(ie pre or post facelift) hope this helps
Re: Electrical problem - Andrew Tarr
No - no running or starting problems. As I said, there is no apparent effect on the car's behaviour. It just alarms the passengers a bit when the locks shoot up and down on their own !
Re: Electrical problem - Ian Cook

I had a similar problem with a 306D. The car did not have cental locking, but was fitted with a Peugeot immobiliser - of the sort where you insert a jack plug into a dash mounted socket.

There was also a box of electronic gubbins behind the fascia and this sometimes used to tick (rhythmically). The cure was to disconnect and re-connect the battery, and it then behaved itself until the next time.

May be of help - may not.


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