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OK, I'm now aware of the poor crankcase breather system on the mk2 Polo, so I know what's wrong!! Somebody also suggested using 20w50 oil. I thought VWs recommended was 10w40, preferably semi or full synthetic. I do a lot of mileage and the car doesn't have an easy time, so does anyone have a suggestion about what oil to use on a leak-prone car? Thanks
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I am by no means as knowledgeable as some of the people on this site but have sometimes found that the simple advice is overlooked.

Try to search for my thread on oil below. I asked a relatively straightforward and generic question and received useful advice, as ever. However, I think that oil is one of those subjective subjects where it is often difficult to pinpoint a correct answer, hence conflicting and often confuisng views.

I asked what oil to put in a 98k BMW 316. It was the first time I changed the oil since I had bought the car. I gathered from the responses that synthetic is likely to dredge out more of the cr*p from the inside of your engine, especially as yours is a relatively high miler, like mine, and this cr*p can cause blockages. So, my advice would be, especially if you do not know what oil was in the car before, to stick to mineral and, unless you have any in-depth knowledge, why not go for a safe brand like Halfords. May not be the cheapest for what it is, but if you do not know any better. This is what I did and everything seems okay with the BMW.

Really hope this helps and that I am not teaching you to suck eggs.



P.S. To the experts: How was that? Am I learning?
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Yeah that makes sense I guess, but I hear about protection from cold etc. Some mornings I'm in a rush for college... and 2 nights a week it does pizza delivery. I don't want to wear it out for the sake of saving a little on oil. Could I maybe use semi synthetic but of a 10/15W40 grade. Or add some crappy stuff to the Mobil 1 already in there?
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20/50 won't help, and will just increase cold start wear, and will simply increase cold oil pressure, which won't help either. Leakage is more related to hot viscosity, but frankly the difference between a 40 and 50 oil won't be significant if it's really leaky, so stick with the 10/40 - the real answer is fix the leaks or live with them, until the MOT tester fails it on excessive oil leakage.



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