I'm getting speeding fines for a car I don't own - what can I do?

Last year I got a speeding fine for a car I have never owned or know anything about. So I filled in the fine details explaining I do not own this car, sent it back in the self addressed envelopes and heard nothing more about it. This year I got two more fines for the same car, I did the same sent them back and a few weeks later the same two fines came back. I did the same again sent them back, I also emailed Manchester fines department, tried phoning them but it was a voicemail saying the inbox is full.

Now just waiting to see what happens if they come back again should I go to my local police station and get them to sort it out? If they are coming to me I assume I am the registered owner on the v5 logbook which seems strange. Why don't the police put the car reg on ANPR and stop the car to see who is driving and explain why they have not registered the car?

Asked on 3 June 2024 by ken

Answered by David Ross
You are following the correct process by responding to the fines and declaring you are not the owner, but you may need to take this a step further and contact the DVLA at the following address: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1ZZ. Explain that you do not own and have never owned this vehicle and include the police reference number if you have one.

The police currently have no reason to stop the vehicle as it has not been reported as stolen. You may wish to report this matter to the police directly using the 101 non-emergency number as this may assist the process.
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