Can I give my partner my car but remain the registered keeper?

I have recently upgraded to a new car but I still have the previous one that I had which has now been SORN, untaxed, uninsured and in my garage. My partner has started to take driving lessons and I have told her that once she passes her test then she can have my old car which she can use for herself and maintain, once it has been re-insured, taxed and had an MOT.

I am still the registered keeper of the old car that I want my partner to have and she will be the main driver, although I will also put my name on it as I may still use it from time to time and it should hopefully lower the premium for her as I have more driving experience.

Although I will be letting my partner have the car, I don't really want to 'give' it to her, my worry is, if I am still the registered keeper but not the main driver, will that mean that, if in the event that my partner has some kind of incident such as a speeding or parking fine, does that mean that I will incur the charges and consequences seeing as I am still the registered keeper?

If so, then is there any way around that or do I need to register the car with my partner as the registered keeper and driver?

Asked on 22 May 2024 by Mark Nydus

Answered by David Ross
There is a distinction between being the 'owner' of a vehicle and its registered keeper. Were you to buy a used car from a private seller, an exchange of funds and a receipt would mean you are technically the owner, but until the information on the V5C has been changed you are not yet the registered keeper. The registered keeper is the person held responsible in the first instance in the event of a speeding fine or parking ticket, but if that were to occur while your partner is driving the vehicle, you simply need to respond to the PCN or NIP and indicate that you were not the driver at the time of the incident.
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