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I have been given a set of spark plugs for my old 405. Powerplugs ( They suggest improvements in fuel economy of "up to 20%" and "15% more power" from changing to these plugs, with one landrover owner getting 13% more fuel economy. The secret is that the electrodes are "cryogenically treated"
Wow! I can see copper electrodes giveing a wider heat range, and platinum electrodes giving longer life, but how can chilling steel give any effect which lasts longer than the first few seconds?
I suppose if you run a landy for 25 years, and then service it, 13% is easily obtained
The information with the plugs refers to a platinum "catalyst" added to your fuel via the vacuum pipe to the carb as you drive.( and promises up to 22% increase, guaranteeing 10%. First can lasts 15000 miles, then they send you another can.
Mind you, among the cars which have shown benefits are Austin Princesses and american pick ups
Ah well, the plugs were free!
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Probably just a fancy scammer's name for tempered steel?

On the NGK site, the FAQ says that no sparkplugs can do this, better spark plugs can last longer and be more reliable, but not do any of the above.
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What a load of old claptrap!

Marketing eh? Well there's a sucker born every minute!

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
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I used to use American SplitFire spark plugs in a Triumph Acclaim and a 1.3-litre VW Jetta.

Whether there was any advantage power or fuel consumption wise I never did find out - too many people using the cars in the family - but I do know that both ran well using these plugs, especially the Acclaim.

The firm's still going so it must have something in its favour..:-)

However, NGK have always impressed. I used to have a Vauxhall Magnum 1.8 which would constantly foul up just one of the spark plugs.

One day my wife was talking to someone with the Magnum parked nearby. The person asked how she liked the car and my wife said it was great, but for one of the plugs consistently oiling up (just why she should mention this is quite beyond me).

He immediately advised her to swap the Champions that were in use for the NGK equivalent; she mentioned it on her return and a day or so later the problem had disappeared for ever.

I could only put it down to the fact that NGK offered a far wider choice of hot/cold plugs for each category.....
Snake oil and economy devices - Stuartli

The reason I used SplitFire spark plugs at the time was because I was given several sets for my cars at a Motor Show Press Day...
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Vauxhalls always have been very fussy about spark plugs. Going back to the 60's and 70's it was normal practice to always fit AC plugs. Other makes could get away with a set of Champions - but not a Vauxhall. I remember a mate of mine servicing a Viva, and It wouldn't start afterwards. He did all of the usual backtracking, and rechecking including the new Champions, and couldn't find anything wrong. Eventually put the old AC's back in and away it went. The Champions were put into an A60 as a test, and worked Ok. When NGK plugs became available, it was soon discovered that they made a good substitute for AC's
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The first things I would do to rough running Vauxhalls are

1) Chuck the aftermarket plugs away, and fit AC
2) Chuck the ridiculously coloured aftermarket leads away and fit genuine ones, with the genuine heat shields.

Lo and behold, a fair proportion of faults would be cured at this point.

Snake oil and economy devices - Stuartli
>>rough running Vauxhalls >>

Must be a long standing problem then as I had the Magnum (cracking car by the way and with superb brakes) from 1977 onwards for several years...:-)

Bought it secondhand from Dutton-Forshaw in Preston for the princely sum of £1,295.

Incidentally, caught the end of a QVC presentation last night which featured one of those wraparound the fuel line gadgets claiming to boot power, improve economy etc.

Price was £19 plus for up to 1.6-litre engines and £26 for larger engines.

Don't know how the QVC presenter managed to keep his face straight as the device salesman reeled off a string of "benefits".
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Think I said before......One born every minute.Princess bought by same.How rusty can you get?
Was mech1
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I find that after I have washed my car it goes faster and runs smoother with more power, also the wife sits quietly and looks out of the window at the admiring glances of pedestrians and consequently my heart rate slows and I breathe more easily. So overall I think I get an 80% improvement in driving experience. Of course I dont use just water but add a special ingredient which lines up the molecules of the soap so that the whole car becomes polarized in the earths magnetic field removing contaminents and protecting the car and passengers until the following Sunday.

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