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Powershift - stPaul
I have a Toyota Celi 190 and its hard to keep it in the VVTl-i band between 1st and 2nd Gear ( you have to spot on by a fraction in the change-up)

I've heard of a tecnique called Powerhifting and was wondering if anyone had any experience of

-What is it
-How to do it
-Pontential Tranny/Gear Synchro damage (i.e is it a bad idea full stop !)

Anyone Know ?
Re: Powershift - G
Sounds like doing a clutchless change to me. Good on bikes, not so good on cars. You have to lift the throttle very slightly to unload the transmission then change.
Won't do you any good though - it's the overall gearing thats out, changing gear any quicker (unlikely with this method) won't help.
I've only ever done this in a hire car I hasten to add.
Try changing into second earlier and just power through, I never use first gear much meself........
Powershifting gears - David Lacey
Yes - just change gear very quickly without lifting off the throttle! Just dip the clutch and slam it into another gear pronto!

Re: Powershifting gears - G
Thats cheating using the clutch........

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