VW Headlamp/Switch - Liz
We have now replaced the headlamp switch on our Mark III Golf for the fourth time - they keep buring out. VW do not accept any responsibility despite a recall in Sept 97 for the wiring loom (which was done prior to us buying the car). The most recent switch to burn out did so within 12 months of the previous one which had been replaced under warranty so VW say the replacement is not covered by the warranty and we must pay for it. Do other Golf owners have similar problems? Should VW be liable for this problem and do something about it?
Re: VW Headlamp/Switch - T lucas
Top quality VW,why are VW cars not as reliable as the ads would have us believe?Surely not just another Euroshed?
Re: VW Headlamp/Switch - Geoff
All replacement parts have a twelve month warranty.
Unfortunately this seems to be a tactic of manufacturers (or is that importers)
these days. Don't they want repeat business?
I refuse to buy another Suzuki car because of a fault when my exhaust camshaft snapped and the importers refused to acknowledge that they had a problem with them, despite the dealer telling me he had replaced quite a few of them.
Re: VW Headlamp/Switch - Brian
How do VW explain that the warranty does not cover what is obviously shoddy workmanship? I have just purchased a new Polo following over fifteen years of VW pleasurable driving. I was shocked to find that selecting reverse gear on my new car is a hit and miss affair. The dealer has told me to give it 1500 miles but it has made not one iota of difference. Now Honest John tells me that Spanish built Polos DO have questionable gearboxes/selection. The dealer is not responding to his claims of first class after sales service - and VW care do not care! How can I face up to this problem?
Re: VW Headlamp/Switch - Ian Chandler
I expect that if you buy a new switch every time from VW, and particularly if you get a VW garage to fit it, you are paying out a load of money. My suggestion is that you buy replacement switches from a pattern parts supplier like German and Swedish, or Euro Car Parts ... it will be a third of the price of a VW one, and they will be quite easy to change. And they might even be made by a diffrent manufacturer and last longer.

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