non functioning spitfire - Spitfires are a pain in the a*
How do you set up the points on a spitfire - its at least ten years since I had a car with points - that was an Austin ambassador ! do I set the gap at TDC ? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question to all you mechanics out there but I am not familiar with this arrangement. Help !
Re: non functioning spitfire - Peter M
Simple process - take the top off the distributor, put the car in 2nd. gear, rock the car until the contact breaker gap gap is fully open, and adjust to required clearance. The feeler gauge should just slide in with a slight resistance.
(It's 14 years since I had points on a car - Renault 12..)
Best of luck.
Re: non functioning spitfire - Spitfires are a pain in the a*
Cheers ! - I'll do this in a bit when ( if ) it stops raining ! hopefully it will go after this, I have acquired this vehicle from a friend who hadn't used it for a year or so, but it was kept in a heated garage so it doesn't seem to have suffered too much - I'll fit a new roof, give it a respray get an MOT and off we go !!
Re: non functioning spitfire - John Slaughter
Peter is dead right, but if the points have seen much use they will have developed a pip which makes using feelers difficult. The best option is to use a dwell angle meter and set them dynamically, although feelers do a reasonable job on new points. Don't forget to check the timing after you have checked the points gap.


Re: non functioning spitfire - ChrisR
I have an original owner's manual for a 1970s Spitfire. The following disclaimer is on page 1:

"In these days of bland but reliable saloon cars, the Triumph Spitfire is designed to take you back to the golden age of motoring. In keeping with this aim, the Spitfire requires a level of maintenance unacceptable to the modern motorist of the 1970s. Triumph can not therefore be held responsible for any failure to start, or for any faults that may develop when the car has been moved at speeds in excess of ten miles per hour. As the bodywork is purely decorative, rusting may occur if hot drinks are consumed within ten feet of the vehicle. Triumph recommends that you buy a set of spanners and spend your weekends tinkering, which is much safer than driving around on today's busy roads. The cost of divorce proceedings will not be refunded."


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