Mondeo Engines - Keith
I have been loaned a 2.0 petrol Mondeo (00X reg) while mine was in for repairs. My car is a 1.8 petrol 99S reg.

Since getting my car back I have noticed engine pinking and that the engine is far less responsive even though there is only 15BHP difference.

Is it common for the 1.8 to pink after 30000 miles and is the 2.0 a much better engine?
Re: Mondeo Engines - Honest John
The old 130bhp 2.0 litre Mondeo engine is plagued with curious flatspots and a non-linear throttle response, but they are part of the mapping to help it achieve quite impressive mpg figures. It's by no means a 'great' engine, and it's down on power against a Vectra 2.0 litre Ecotec. But since I've got mine used to Shell Optimax, it's capable of accelerating to very serious speeds very quickly indeed. Obviously I would only ever consider using this performance to get my vehicle out of trouble and aid the flow of traffic through consideration for other road users rather than for my own benefit. Keith, try giving your 1.8 a dose of Optimax.

Re: Mondeo Engines - Jonathan
Wasn't this a problem with the sierra?

I understood that the 1.6 was a much better engine than the 1.8.

Or was I too young to remember?

Re: Mondeo Engines - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Was the 1800 pinking before the repair?
Re: Mondeo Engines - Keith
The repair was nothing to do with the engine. To be honest I thought the 2 litre engine was great compared to my 1.8. Seems odd that an engine with such sophisticated management should 'pink'

The repair was to do with a pulling to the left under braking, the Ford dealer have returned my car after doing a repair under warranty (30 days since purchase at time of fault) and assured me that they have once and for all rectified the fault.

They havent and also have damaged the front wheel hub so that I nearly pull the car off the jack to remove the front wheel, I also need to use the bolts to force the wheel onto the hub with the bolts, removing a slither of aloy wheel.

Main dealers eh?
Re: Mondeo Engines - Kev
How differant are the old new shape mondeo engines to the old old shape? My dad has a L reg 2litre mondeo, which is now wonderfully smooth and fast[ erm, only to 70 mind you, never been past it]. It is now completly cured of its flat spotting, touch wood, and we still have no idea why we did it.
Ive also been in an old old shape mondeo 1.8, which seemed alright too. So i dont think there was much differance really, from what I felt. Had the loan car been run in more? Did you run it on better fuel? Or is it that 'plaecebo[sorry bout spelling]' effect, where you think it faster? HH

Re: Mondeo Engines - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
The Mondeo shouldn't pink, period. It has a fault which needs to be rectified pronto. You will probably find that the car will drive better for being fixed!

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