Citroen Clutches - Nigel Cassidy
The clutch is seemingly about to go for the second time on my R reg pre-registered Citroen Synergie. The first one went a little after one year -- a few weeks after the warranty expired. Citroen UK were extremely unhelpful and grudgingly made a small payment after an inordinate amount of fuss on my part. Now its going AGAIN. Anybody got any ideas or thoughts?
RE: Citroen Clutches - honestjohn
Dear Nigel.

I do get a few complaints about short-life clutches on Xantias. There was a similar problem with clutches on Golfs and Polos a few years ago. Quite often the cause is a failed self-adjusting clutch cable which allows a very small degree of clutch slippage which in turn wears out the clutch. But another possbble reason with a vehicle like the Synergy is the relative positions of the pedals and seat which can elad a driver to inadvertantly dip the clutch while driving.

RE: Citroen Clutches - George Greensides
I also have had a clutch problem with my Citroen Xantia TD 1.9 P reg. The clutch failed at 26,000 miles! the cost of replacement quoted by my main dealer was £640, I went to a local independent Citroen specialist and paid £340.