Thanks to Chevrolet for a goodwill intervention relating to a failed alternator on our Matiz.

I experienced alternator failures on two Chevrolet Matiz. The first was replaced under warranty. The second cost £211.51 to replace, the work done at a Green Flag Breakdown-appointed repair facility. That car was two months out of warranty so I wrote to Chevrolet asking if they would consider some goodwill. Today I received a cheque from them for the full amount. I also recently asked you for advice on the best small car to fulfil certain requirements and you suggested a Hyundai i10 Blue. We couldn't find one but did see a an i10 1.2 Classic in white on special offer at £1000 off list price, but the dealer could not guarantee that the offer would still be on if we bought one for registration on September 1.

Asked on 19 October 2013 by MD, via email

Answered by Honest John
Good of Chevrolet, in line with the company now offering a 5-year warranty. A new i10 has now been announced, which is more expensive, so if you want a cheap one, grab the one you have seen
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