Secondhand Alfa GTV - JB
Alfa GTV 2.0 TS (maybe Lusso) - any comments/suggestions about purchasing secondhand for about 10K?

Is it going to be an build quality nightmare or are these better than Fiats/Alfas of old?

Are these best bought privately or from a dealer?

Re: Secondhand Alfa GTV - Ian Cook
My son has a GTV 2.0 Twin Spark (97, and about 45K miles). The car is wonderfull but he had a substantial bill last month year for re-building the rear suspension where the bushes had worn and damaged the subframe etc. It was probably his fault for not noticing the tell tale noises early enough, but it cost him dearly.

Have a good look under it and listen carefully for any clonking from the back. A very satisfying car to drive and, apart from the above, it's been reliable. He bought his from an independent sports car specialist in London (somewhere around the Kew-Richmond area) and was very picky when he chose it - colour, interior, and aircon etc are important.

He's lost a fair bit in the year and a half that he's had it (but who hasn't) and at the time he bought it prices varied a enormously. Service history, provenance, and condition (external and internal) seemed to be the reason. A good one is nice, and a cheap one will be crap. Best of luck!

Re: Secondhand Alfa GTV - T lucas
These make Fiat coupes look reliable.
Re: Secondhand Alfa GTV - honest john
Thanks for this thread. It got me back into the car by car breakdown where I thought I had mentioned the rear suspension problem, but had only done so for 156s. All fixed now.


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