Good value 2nd car? Help - Robin
I need a bit of advice. We need to buy a 2nd car sharpish in order for my wife to get to work. We are prepared to pay about 5 or 6,000 for it. Our requirements are that it should be reliable, have power steering and be big enough for a car seat in the back for our pride and joy. My wife would also like ABS (safer?). We are thinking about a VW Polo since VW have a good rep. for safety.

Any one got any advice.Cheers
Re: Good value 2nd car? Help - Piers
If you want safe - go large.

That's safe as in 'when an accident occurs', rather than safe as in good tyres, excellent road holding and good handling to avoid accidents. Some incidents are virtually unavoidable in which case the more steel and space between your child and the point of contact the better.

Big cars are pretty cheap at the moment - a Scorpio estate would fit the bill perfectly and with an autobox lessen the effects of keeping an eye on the child in the back whilst driving.

Re: Good value 2nd car? Help - Lowie
Buy a Toyota Yaris I have driven a number of cars and this is the best. Failing this get a good condition Ford Focus
Re: Good value 2nd car? Help - Alwyn
You are right in "going large"

American Highway safety stats show that, since downsizing began in the US, over 46,000 more people have died on US roads. Think BIG
Re: Good value 2nd car? Help - T lucas
Practical says Yaris.
Re: Good value 2nd car? Help - Andrew Tarr
OK until you can only find small parking spaces.
Re: Good value 2nd car? Help - honest john
If you want safe as in Piers description of safe, then a Volvo 940. Horrible barge of a car, but it does have a factory built-in child seat right in the middle of the back seat.

Re: Good value 2nd car? Help - Andrew Hamilton
If you really want to be safe drive a red ex-PO van. I am amazed at the numbers of drivers who give you priority even though I am happy to wait! No one seems to cut you up on overtaking either. Quite different to when I had a Escort estate.

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