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Xantia Rocker Cover Gasket and Oil level - adam0303
I have a Citroen Xantia 1.8 8v 95 yom i have a problem with a slight loss of oil i have a feeling that it is coming from the rocker cover but i am not too sure, there is a slight bit of oil settled around the spark plug area are they hard to fit and does anyone know do i need to use any of that silicone sealant with it, also why does my dipstick on my car read min on one side but halfway between max and min on the other side, as its reall frustrating, as i am always worried as to whether i have enough oil, can anyone help me, please!!!!
Xantia Rocker Cover Gasket and Oil level - Mondaywoe
Hi Adam

My Xantia (same engine)used to do the same. I can't remember if I ever really worked out why, but I suspect that the rubber seal on the top of the dipstick was worn and allowed oil to spray out under certain conditions. Of course, you'd suspect an engine fault if it was doing this, but my one always seemed fine. The oil tended to 'pool' round about the coil, but in reality was probably less than it seemed.

I'd certainly check all your breather hoses - if they're blocked or split that might contribute. (I seems to recall one of mine splitting down behind the oil filter somewhere.) Check them out.

It's an almighty thing of a dipstick in the 1.8 Xantia! Seems to go right down to the bowels of the earth! Pull it out - clean it - push it right home again with a slight twisting motion - the check level again. Be sure engine has been switched off about 10 minutes or so to get a reliable reading.


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