Noddy Cars - Andy
i'm sure that those of us who only have a car to potter around town of us would not object to a battery-powered (or other low power/eco) vehicle. But why do the manufacturers assume that we want these cars to look 'wacky'?
Look at that Fiat monstrosity the ECOBASIC - what deranged mind thought that one up?
Or what about Ford's THINK? My God, it's straight off kids telly!
I know that weight has to be kept down, but really......
Come to think of it, more and more small cars now seem to be the product of 'nursery school' design.
Re: Noddy Cars - Tom Shaw
I think manufacturers realise that the small car market is predominantly female, hence the number of "cute" looking cars, such as the Nissan Micra and the Ka. (Yuk)
Re: Noddy Cars - Kev
And the new mini. Hideous, it actually IS noddy's car
Re: Noddy Cars - ladas are cool
the new mini would have been better if it was called the bmw 1 series, as a mini is supposed to be a BRITISH design classic, not a german bulge on wheels.
Re: Noddy Cars - ladas are cool
also i think that the new mini is just a fad car, its like the new beetle, when that came out everybody wanted one, but now its just an ugly ripoff of a wonderful car.
Re: mini - Kev
I agree, I really cant stand it, everytime I see one, I think of the travesty it represts, the only reason people would buy it is to be cool, its a shame that people no longer buy cars to do a purpose, be it towing things, carrying things, fun driving, etc.. The mini is little more than driveway art, and with most modern art, look absolutely rank.
Does anyone know if the mini will come out as a convertable to make it identical to Toytowns finest transport?
Re: mini - ladas are cool
well i saw a mini in a local paper, it had a white convertible roof. just think of the dirt on the white roof, and trying to keep it clean.
Re: vynal roofs - Kev
Thinking of easy to keep clean roofs, my dad used to have a vynal [blame state education I cannot spell] roof on his Cortina, what a great idea, easy to keep clean, and hard to scratch. Whats become of the vynal roof?
Re: vynal roofs - ladas are cool
i dont know what happened about the demise of the vinyl roof, but my mark 1 capri had one, and some idiot ripped the roof with a knife.
Re: Noddy Cars - honest john
The Ford Think body is made out of a sort of polythene, like a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. The advantage is, if you hit something softly the body just absorbs it then plops back into shape.

Re: Noddy Cars - Andy
Does it act like a trampoline, sending cyclists and wayward pedestrians flying onto nearby rooftops? Sounds like a laugh a minute.
This is a joke by the way - or has the EU banned those along with everything else?
Re: Noddy Cars - Darcy Kitchin
That's just given me a real giggle thinking of all those who kick their cars, will the bodywork snap back into position, breaking the motorists leg?

Pity this technology didn't exist in the '70s, maybe that hapless Morris 1100 could have snatched John Cleese's branch off him and returned the compliment.
Re: Noddy Cars - Mike Wolstencroft
At least the 1100 series was a car you could really hate - built in pre - rotted sub frames, suspension that needed frequent pumping up etc. Actually it was probably a secret plot to create the market for the Mk 1 Golf... Today's cars are so bland - all created by the same computer program.
Re: vynal roofs - Brian
What has happened is that there are fewer ex-taxis around and therefore less need to cover up the screw holes when the roof-top sign went.

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