Used citroen missing coded card - bilbo
I just bought a used Citroen from a main dealer. I was a bit worried when I read the manual that mentioned a coded card, it states that 'should the card be lost the immobiliser device can no longer be considered secure'. All I received was 1 key (with built in remote). They said the other key was lost, but they have ordered me a replacement.

How serious is it not to have the coded card, and what comeback do I have? Does it have any implications for my insurance?
Used citroen missing coded card - Carl2
The dealer who sold the car new will usually keep a record of the card details. It is supposed to be kept in a sealed wrapper and supplied to the new owner. My local dealer said so many people lost these cards that they made a point of recording the information on computer. I phoned up a dealer who was happy to quote the code over the phone without any form of security checks.
Used citroen missing coded card - bilbo
The dealer has ordered a second key, and said I will have to go in to have it 'coded'. Presumably this means they must have the 'coded card' to do this? I bought the car 'used' from the dealer that it was registered new with.
Used citroen missing coded card - Ben79
I remember reading that you can get the dealer to order a new coded card, maybe it was £5.

Which Citroen did you buy? Some decent locksmiths can make a clone key of the earlier Citroens, my locksmith client could have cloned the key for my 99 Xsara, but he hadnt bought the machine for the newer models at that point (18 months ago).

Just a point to note: don't use the folding keys as a saw etc for opening boxes, use a Yale key or similar!

Used citroen missing coded card - bilbo
IT's an 03 reg Xsara. The dealer has told me they'll give me the code when they get the new key. The card was lost with the key. Do I need to worry about the manual saying the immobiliser is not secure if the card is lost? Will this invalidate my insurance?
Used citroen missing coded card - Ben79
The dealer will have coded the car so that no other key will start the engine.

When the keys are recoded, you must have the scratch card and all the keys you want to work so that the car can "learn" them.

The lost key will open the doors and switch on the ignition, but it won't start the engine.

I wouldn't worry about the insurance, if you have just bought the car, it is probably living in a different place to before, contact the previous owner and find out where the key was lost.

I wouldn't worry or tell the insurance.

When you buy a 2nd hand car, you assume the previous owner hasn't taken a copy of the keys.


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