£5\£6000 buying advice please.... - lordwoody
My wife is selling her Freelander as her 120 mile round trips are too expensive and noisy in it. One option is to buy a Saab at auction ( the make and source of our other car).
The other option is to buy a smaller\more economical car that still has a degree of comfort approaching the Saab, thus saving on insurance and petrol but not losing out too much on comfort. Any suggestions? ( Reliability an important factor too) Thanks in advance.
£5£6000 buying advice please.... - top turkey
What kind of roads are these trips on? I do 84 miles per day, mainly motorway, and find the old style Vectra (W Reg) quite capable for this kind of commute. There are shed loads of these and well within your price band, and the Network Q guarentee should give you some peice of mind.

Of course, it is not the most engaging car to drive, but if it fits the bill and does the job, it might be worth considering.


£5£6000 buying advice please.... - lordwoody
TT- roads are mainly A road and a bit of country lanes. I know she's not keen on Vectras, sorry!
£5£6000 buying advice please.... - mlj
A mate at work, who normally uses an old LandRover Defender for commuting work(!) has just bought a new Hyundai Getz. Why?
5 year warranty and 3 year free servicing. He took it for a good test drive and couldn't find fault. All for less than £7K.

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