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Tyre Pressures - Iain
Can anyone enlighten me to the reason why most cars tyre pressures are more in the rear tyres than the front? I would have thought it would have been the other way around as the engine is, in most cars anyway, at the front and therefore more weight needs to be kept up.
Re: Tyre Pressures - Andrew Hamilton
Metro 1980-86 Front 2-4 pounds MORE than back depending on model!
Re: Tyre Pressures - David Woollard

I find most cars I look after nearly the same front to rear and more often greater at the front than rear.

What sort of cars are you seeing?

Re: Tyre Pressures - David Woollard
Actually Bill if you were stuck with no info trying to help someone with a normal family hatchback at an air line then 30 front, 30 rear would never be far out to get them on their way.

Bet Ian turns out to have a BMW or Mercedes, the balance he speaks of is more associated with larger rear wheel drive vehicles.

Re: Tyre Pressures - N.Witherall
As the owner of the much maligned Vauxhall 2.0 ltr Vectra the handling of which I found to my mind inferior to the 2.0 ltr Cavelier I had previously owned I normally found that the car with pressures of 31psi front and rear slightly higher than the makers 28.5psi gave a very comfortable ride but it wallowed on corners.I had noticed that as remarked by some road testers it handled better when fully loaded.

When I visited the Michelin web site whose tyres I have always (I have been motoring since 1942) found to be first class I found that for loaded/speed they reccomended 31psi Front 41psi Rear I tried this out and have found the handling on bends transformed I have plenty of places to check this on Exmoor where one can see in places several bends ahead across open moorland and it is safe to corner hard, I expected a very hard ride but have not found any discernable difference and would reccomend that any Vectra owner gives this a try

Re: Tyre Pressures - Dan J
Interesting reading - my Cavalier handles like a waterbed so I will give your rear tyre increased pressure suggestion a go and hope there is some improvement!
Re: Tyre Pressures - Marc
True David. Mercedes 190E - front 29 psi, rear 32 psi
Re: Tyre Pressures - Bill Doodson
Just a thought!

A lot of bikes these days have the same pressure front and rear and many I think are standardised on 42 PSI. Why not for cars?

Re: Tyre Pressures - Bill Doodson
David, your right again, the Mondeo Estate is I think 30F and 32R for normal driving ( I cant be bothered going down 3 flights of stairs and opening the garage to look at the sticker I have on the inside of the tax disc with the pressures). BUT when loaded and fast (What is fast???) the book quotes 34F and 40R (as above).

The bike is 42 all of the time and the tyre manufacturers have designed the tyres around that. As an aside the bike weighs about 220 Kg I weigh about 85Kg a passenger could weigh 45 Kg (My wife(I Wish))to 100Kg. Luggage 10 to 50 Kg but the tyre pressures remain the same and the bike goes upto 175 ( but not yet by my experience.

Have to work on that maybe Bruntingthorpe.

Re: Tyre Pressures - honest john
Depends how you want the car to ride and handle. I think that most front drive cars handle far better with a differential of say 31 lb ft in the front and 36 lb ft in the back. That way you help to kill the horrible understeer built into most new cars these days and the car will handle closer to properly. But you will get a harsher ride.

Re: Tyre Pressures - Mike Harvey
It's probably got something to do with weight distribution when passengers are in it. or a load in the boot/estate. I remember taking my Cavalier SRi 130 demonstrator to Donington Park for a product drive day, and despite inflating to 10 psi over high speed recommended pressures, totally knackered the NSF by lunchtime. The brake heat boiled the grease out of the wheel bearing too and we had to trailer it back.
Regards, Mike
Re: Tyre Pressures - Iain
Guys, thanks for the information. For the record I don't have a BMW but a new shape MR2 and a Peugoet Partner.

MR2 26psi front 30psi back

Partner 39psi front and 46psi back. These pressure are obviously for load carrying and empty it feels better 2psi down off the recommended front and back (stops the jiggling).
Re: Tyre Pressures - Ian Cook

Interested to hear that you run a Peugeot Partner. I'll be looking to change my Citroen C15D in about a year's time, for either a Partner or Berlingo van.

What's the Partner like to live with (I presume yours is a diesel)? We use our C15 as a second vehicle and it's fine apart from the fact that it doen't have powered steering.


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