Passat flood damage. - pmh
A friends 1999 Passat became disabled in flood (river) water, they were fortunately able to exit the vehicle via the (still working) electric windows, and then wade to safety. The vehicle was recovered several hours later and towed to a garage, where it remained for 10 days pending assessment by the insurance company. After inspection the assessor was of the opinion that a days work was all that was necessary to put it back as was.

My view is that the car will be a disaster waiting to happen, and that at the slightest sign of any electrical trouble (or preferably earlier) he should get rid of it!

Any views? (The owner was previously intending to keep it as a long term 'run it to the death' vehicle).

pmh (was peter)
Passat flood damage. - pienmash
days work sounds alrite for a run around esp as its a 99 model...........ya rite about the electrics,might b well crappy but ya know vw,s ala herbie
Passat flood damage. - DL
It really does depend upon how deep the water was and how far into the car it ingressed..........

Anything over seat height is seriously bad news.
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Passat flood damage. - bertj
Was the engine stopped by the flood water? If so it's probably been destroyed by water being sucked into the air intake and/or exhaust system. There's also the possibility of water getting into the gearbox/transmission via breathers. If the electrics have been drowned as well this will be really bad news. Also there is no way the carpets, upholstery and soft trim are ever going to dry out properly without damage. I would think that it's a write off - get an independant assessor if the insurance company won't see sense.
Passat flood damage. - solara
If it's a diesel and water was sucked up during engine running, I'd expect serious engine damage.
Passat flood damage. - Dynamic Dave
Your friend is not alone:-

Passat flood damage. - Cliff Pope
See the other thread on this subject.

You only have to look at the precautions taken on vehicles like Land-Rovers that are meant to do deep-wading to see the dangers to an ordinary car. Raised air intake, high exhaust, breathers led high up inside , plug to insert in bell-housing drain, plus a service schedule that specifies a daily transmission oil change and greasing the prop shaft every half hour in sand or gritty water.

Wheel bearings will need dismantling and cleaning - hot bearings cooled in dirty water will draw in dirt.
Passat flood damage. - pmh
To fill in the missing details....
Its a petrol turbo, so presumably it stopped due to spark failure thus minimising potential for engine damage. Altho a red hot turbo presumably does not like thermal shock, along with cat.
The depth reached half way up the drivers door outside. So far I havent been able to find out how deep internally.

I will post details on what it cost and how it goes when he gets it back.

The options for selling it on are very limited because it is now French registered but rhd and as far as I am aware in France it cannot be sold on, (unless the law has changed recently). The only option would be to reimport to Uk and regain old registration for selling.

pmh (was peter)
Passat flood damage. - Andrew-T
Although we have all seen the floatworthiness of old Beetles, I doubt that a VW which has been immersed 'halfway up the doors' will have stayed dry inside. Doors usually have drain holes in the bottom edge, so water will presumably have travelled up inside, and it will depend on how effective the inner membranes were. Expect the worst. :(

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