Parking ticket wrongly issued? - Humpy
I would really appreciate some advice please, chaps and chapesses..

SWMBO has had a letter from Broxbourne Council requiring her to declare the driver and address for a parking infringement at the end of october. I know she wasn't in Cheshunt, Herts at the time of the offence since she was leaving for work at the time from Leighton Buzzard towards Aylesbury, Bucks.

Although, they have quoted the correct number plate they offer no car description so it is not obvious if the reg number was mistaken or it has been cloned (I assume anyone cloning the number would ensure that his/her make and colour corresponded to the cloned vehicle).

I suppose I would be best approaching the council first and ask for a further description of the vehicle, stating her case and perhaps enquiring if there was any CCTV coverage and so be able to compare it to her car.

Councils will be pretty hard to budge over this situation I can imagine and the time of the offence was 7.56am, a tricky time to prove she was elsewhere due to the fact that she would have been driving at the time.

Does anyone have any experience with the situation and/or care to offer some advice. Is it worth consulting the CAB/other solicitor at this stage?
Parking ticket wrongly issued? - Armitage Shanks{P}
Humpy, I am not suggesting for one moment that your car was in Broxbourne if you say it wasn't but I do think that if your car had been cloned you would have had a few speeding tickets, other parking tickets and the odd Congestion charge thru your letter box in the last 6 weeks. Certainly ask them for a full description of the car and ask if the warden was wearing a hat when they issued the ticket, it isn't valid if they weren't! On a more serious note, can you vouch for when she left home and is there some proof of when she got Aylesbury? For instance, does she have to sign an attendance register when she gets to work? Does she get around her place of work using a swipe card to move around the building? Good luck in any event!
Parking ticket wrongly issued? - Humpy
That's exactly what I was thinking too, AS. Hopefully the warden has mistaken the number on the ticket and the decription of the car intended to be fined is completely different to hers. Surely, I can write a letter confirming that I saw her walk out of the the door at 8am, for that is when she leaves, and her boss will have seen her at 8.30am, but will that be enough?? Unfortunately there is no objective proof of her whereabouts.

Thanks for your response anyhow. So your reckon best talk the the dept involved first??
Parking ticket wrongly issued? - Bromptonaut
Try . Not sure if Broxbourne comes within their remit. Look carefully at the stuff from the Council.
Parking ticket wrongly issued? - Humpy
Thanks for your suggestions, I'll have a look at that website now, Simon

Unfortunately she didn't get much bumf from the council, just a form to admit liability, nothing to appeal on or suggestion that appealing is an option.

FiF, unfortunately no CCTV on the way to work, just country roads...and she's never been anywhere near Cheshunt..

Parking ticket wrongly issued? - Bromptonaut
May have given you a B** steer, now found a list of Councils in the remit of NPAS; no sign of Broxbourne. Worth checking if they are a recent addition, bit the paperwork sent with the notice to the owner should make clear if this route of appeal is open to them.
Parking ticket wrongly issued? - Flat in Fifth
or any cctv footage at car parks or other places she might have visited or passed by?

£10 and you have the absolute right to the footage.
Parking ticket wrongly issued? - UPDATE - Humpy
Well, thanks for all your advice. She rung the office today and the car description was a blue BMW not her blue alfa. So now she's got to ring the DVLA, they passed her to the police and the police passed her onto someone else.

Anyhow, panic over, it doesn't seem to be a problem now!!

The council seem convinced that her plate has been cloned, no chance one of their operativces has mispressed a key!!

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