VW Scirocco hates the cold - copey
Can any one advise me? I have a GT2 Scirocco H reg, goes like a dream all summer, but once the winter sets in, it gets tempramental. It will drive fine for between 10 and 30 miles, then, when the engine is nicely warmed through, it seems to fire only on three cylinders and will cough and splutter until eventually it has me over to the side of the road. It only does this when the weather is very cold.

After a time of revving and cursing the engine will eventually come back to life and carry on as if nothing has happened. Until the next time I take her out...

I tried putting a sheet of tin foil in front of the rad last winter to raise the running temperature and this seemed ok, but the spring arrived and I was never convinced that it had done the trick.

I am now faced with two choices: get shot of the car or move to Spain...

Any advice much appreciated!!

VW Scirocco hates the cold - kal
Is your car fuel injected or does it have a carb? If so perhaps the carb is icing up? If fuel injected check the fuel injection system cold start mechanism.
VW Scirocco hates the cold - Peter D
If this is a carb model, have you checked the manifold header is working and have you got an induction kit on the car. I ask this because it sounds very much like you have a carb icing problem and the induction kit does not take in hot air from around the manifold. If it is standard sheck the air filter system and the Cold/Hot air butterfly and control valve and vacuum pipes associated with the valve. There is a temp sensor in the the air filter box so chaeck all these components. Regards Peter

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