Should the Ford Kuga come with an engine cover?

I have just purchased a 2021 Ford Kuga and noted that the engine cover that fits on top of the engine is missing. I have informed the dealership and the salesperson I dealt with states he has been informed by his manager that some models came without a cover.

Looking at the top of the engine there are nylon studs and a couple of threaded connections. The white studs have all the marks of something having been pulled off, and the threads are shiny clean. This makes me think that the cover was there and was removed recently. The engine top also looks untidy and exposed. I have emailed the salesperson with a couple of images of the engine, together with my concerns.

I am concerned that I completed the purchase and took delivery on the 4th April and wonder if I need to do anything else by a certain time period.

Asked on 28 April 2023 by John Handley

Answered by David Ross
Unfortunately the manager at the dealer is correct, as Kugas from 2021 onwards were produced without engine covers, most likely as a cost-saving measure. Removing the studs and threads that the engine cover sits on would wipe out any cost saving, which is why your car still has them even though a cover isn't fitted.

Also most modern engines are quite unsightly because they are designed to be hidden by an engine cover, so this is nothing to be concerned about. It also won't affect the operation of your Kuga, other than potentially being fractionally noisier without one. The upside is that as your Kuga has never had an engine cover fitted you won't notice it being any noisier, and if you wanted to you could purchase an engine cover relatively cheaply, especially if you go for a used one.

You may feel a little short-changed by this, but the reality is that all car manufacturers make small unannounced changes to vehicles in order to shave a few pence off the cost of production, it's just that usually they are hard to spot.
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