Whiiiiining Focus - PhiL P
Before I start writing this I'd like to apologise for my utter lack of knowledge when it comes to car mechanics...

Anyway, my 1999 15k 2.0 Focus recently had at least one of it's engine mountings replaced to cure a knocking sound I was hearing whilst driving. Since then I've noticed some drivetrain whine when cruising in the higher gears, and the engine seems a bit gruff and rather noisy.

Now my question is, could these be linked, or is it just a case of me tuning in to these sounds now that the knocking has been sorted?

I was rather more worried about it when in a recent motoring mag it said to look out for whining drivetrains when buying used Focus's!!!
Re: Whiiiiining Focus - honest john
You'd better take a look at Recalls in the Ford Focus entry in the Car by Car Breakdown on this site.

Re: Whiiiiining Focus - PhiL P
There doesn't actually appear to be anything in the Car by Car breakdown that refers to drivetrain whine.

What I'm curious about is whether some damage or incorrect refitting could have occurred when changing/adjusting the engine mount which might cause the problem?

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