Passat Rear window winders - scruffythedog118
Can anyone advise how you tighten up the rear window winder handle on a passat , as it is coming away from the metal work from inside the door!

doesnt seem to be any obvious screws and cant get the black cover to release where the handle pushes on, do I have to take the door panel off???

Passat Rear window winders - Tim Allcott
No, you must be able to remove the plastic cover. You don't tell me the year of the car: What you will need, though is a thin bladed screwdriver to get in alongside/underneath the plastic trim. I suppose it may have been glued on ; on my passat(s) though the winder handle was always screwed in at the top, and outside the door trim. Do you need anything from a breakers for the car? If you do, take the opportunity to go and look at one of their window winders. You might also be able to pick up the piece of plastic trim you've just savaged with a screwdriver if it all goes horribly wrong...
Passat Rear window winders - sean
Spot on Tim.

I'm looking at ETKA6, on my home pc. The VAG parts database. It won't let me copy and paste anything, though.

There are several types of winder, but the top covers just look to slide into place.
Passat Rear window winders - scruffythedog118
Sorry. failed to mention its a year 2000 on a W reg.

I still can not release the cover or the handle for that matter, the handle appears to be one solid item, behind it is a disc shaped piece of plastic, the loose back cover i assume? which spins round on the protruding piece of metal which holds the winder in place.... trying to look behind the handle but in between these two pieces of plastic offers me no clues either... This is bugging me as Im not normally beaten by something that is normally so simple!

still that doesnt matter it will fall off soon anyway!!!

which site was you looking at please sean?

I think I will be buying a haynes manual by the look of things!

Cheers and a happy crimbo to you all....
Passat Rear window winders - DL
"I think I will be buying a haynes manual by the look of things!"

For a 2000MY Passat? Nothing available IIRC.....

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Passat Rear window winders - AR-CoolC
You need to push the black disc that is behind the handle, the easiest way for me to explain is, get a piece of cloth and slide it under the handle, then pull the cloth in the opposite direction to the handle along the panel.
The plastic disc has a circlip built into it.

I know what I you?
Passat Rear window winders - scruffythedog118
Thanks for various ideas.... today I found the handle on the floor (as predicted) of the car and it was then that I realised that the black cover actually slides off, I tried everything but this AAARRRGGGHHH !

Never mind problem solved now..

Cheers again.
Passat Rear window winders - scruffythedog118
I meant to mention to any one who may be intersted that YES you can now buy the haynes manual for my car, (Passat 2000 W) it has recently been published and is number 3917 and I found this out using the link on this site.

Of which I have invested in one. money well spent I do believe!

Passat Rear window winders - DL
My god....I stand corrected!

Haynes must be catching up then..

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....

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