Replacement Motorway Mile Muncher - Jon

Yesterday my reliable and well used Ford Escort 1.6 LX was written off (probably) when someone in a white van (transit?) rear-ended me on the M1 pushing me into another stationary car . I pulled onto the hard shoulder as did the car I was pushed into but the white van drove off before I could note its number so it looks like I will have to claim on my insurance.

Does the driver I was pushed into automatically claim on my insurance or is he also out of luck as the van that caused the accident got away?

I would also welcome suggestions for a replacement vehicle.
It has to be:
- a very low insurance group as this is my second claim in two years.
- a good motorway car i.e. not too small or noisy as I will be doing about 15,000 motorway miles this year.
- not more than £4,000
- reliable


Replacement Motorway Mile Muncher - Mark (RLBS)
If you were pushed into the car in front, then as you say, he's out of luck. If you hit him, and then were hit yourself, he could claim from you.

Typically this is judged by whether the front car felt one impact or two.

Report it to the poice and see if there was any adequate cameras filming it well enough to capture a number plate or tradename on the van.
Replacement Motorway Mile Muncher - Pugugly {P}
Vauxhall Vectra (small engined one), Mondeo, a more elderly but potentially more reliable BMW (!).
Replacement Motorway Mile Muncher - jammods
406 HDI, Passat TDI, should to the trick........ will be a lot nicer on the motorway than your old Escort, wont have to work as hard and will have a nice, comfortable cabin.

Good luck..... but a diesel is the answer IMHO.
Replacement Motorway Mile Muncher - AdrianM
Just bought (4 weeks ago) a four yr old 406HDi and I've been very pleased with it. Just about delivers 50mpg and is very comfortable. I don't think you'll get an HDi for £4k though - even with 80-100000 miles they're around the £5k mark.

Replacement Motorway Mile Muncher - AlanGowdy
If you do a lot of motorway driving make sure you get something with a high top gear ratio to keep the cruising revs as low as possible.
Replacement Motorway Mile Muncher - blank
Unsure of insurance group, but cheaper to insure than our diesel 1997 Polo.
Our 1.6LX 1999 Mondeo with 70k up is probably worth no more than £3000. It is a wonderful motorway car for the price, cheap to run, high top gear, decent stereo, aircon and about 38mpg even driven pretty quickly.
Just don't expect a Mondeo, Vectra etc to be worth much in a couple of years time.



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