Pug..206 hesitating..help? - clachnacudden
Wondering if you have any suggestions over this 'perhaps' trivial matter..

I run a pug 206 (2001) 1.9 Diesel with 23,000 on the clock. A nice little runner so far but when I am in third/fourth gear crusing a 2000 RPM the car jolts back/hesitates for a split second until I accelarate..any ideas..?

The car has recently been serviced and does most of it's miles on the motorway between 60-75 mph. with no hesitations present..

If anything any suggestions would put my mind at rest..as I am due to have a long trip up to Scotland?

Cheers folks...

Pug..206 hesitating..help? - Ian D
Maybe try some of HJ's recommended diesel additive Millers Dieselpower plus, also check if the fuel filter has been replaced, if not may be worth doing.
Pug..206 hesitating..help? - DL
EGR valve I reckon....

If you know what you are doing/looking for, disconnect it.

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Pug..206 hesitating..help? - clachnacudden
Quick qestion,..what is the EGR Valve and how would it help if I disconnected it? (re; hesitation)


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