Punto problem - farmerhuw
I have a 1994 Punto 75 with 59 000 on the clock.

The other day while tinkering around I noticed a while creamy sludge around the neck of the expansion tank neck on the radiator. There is not a great deal there and the water appears to be clear. Is it the head gasket gone do you think or is a little bit of gunk normal? There are no sign of water on the dipstick.

I am hoping this is not serious as the car has not covered that many miles, and has been serviced regulary!

Any view appreciated.

Many thanks,


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You don`t mention how long you have had the car.Since new or second hand?
Punto problem - farmerhuw

I purchased the car in 1998 with 19,000 miles on the clock. It came with a full Fiat service history. It had a new radiator after an accident in 1999 so is not an original from new.

It does appear to be using a bit of oil, but the rocker cover is leaking a bit so it might be going from there. Are head gaskets easy to do on Puntos? possible cost?


Farmer palmer
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Putos of this era had melt-in-your-mouth head gaskets, You could drain and clean out the cooling system with a hot hosepipe and car shampoo, and see if comes back.
Punto problem - farmerhuw

Do you think it wil get any worse? I know things like this rarely get better!

Anyway, I will try and flush it this weekend, thanks

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