Can you recommend a small narrow car?

I wish to buy a new car soon. I'd buy a new Nissan Micra if they were still made, or a Skoda Fabia if there wasn't a 22 week wait. Please identify for me some smallish 4/5 door petrol cars, not automatic, with under 1.5 litre engines. If possible, please specify width as I have a narrow space for parking.

Asked on 3 July 2023 by V Moyses

Answered by Andrew Brady
If you're quick, you'll be able to get an as-new Ford Fiesta which would fit the bill nicely. Production of the Fiesta is ending this week, but it remains one of the best small cars you can buy. There are a number of pre-registered examples available at dealers, allowing you to save money and skip the waiting list compared to buying a brand new car. The Fiesta measures 1735mm wide. Alternatively, we'd recommend a Volkswagen Polo or Peugeot 208.
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