Continental Tyres telephone number - Dave H
Could someone kindly give me the contact telephone number for Continental Tyres in the UK?


Continental Tyres telephone number - pmh
Continental Tyre Group Ltd
Haynes Way,Swift Valley Ind Est
Rugby Warwickshire
CV21 1GZ

Tel: 01788 552937

Took me 30 seconds Why cant YOU use yell?

pmh (was peter)
Continental Tyres telephone number - Dave H
Thank you, Peter, your help is appreciated.

I thought that to use Yell you needed to specify a town. I was obviously wrong.

I had tried Google and Ask Jeeves, but Continental don't seem to have a web site for their motor tyres and there was no contact telephone number on that site in any case, just an email facility.

So, you see, I did try.



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