car supermarket = car paperwork? - Emben
Having, about a month ago, bought a Ford imported from Spain through one of the car supermarkets I was told the car manual and service record paperwork would follow in "some weeks". Anyone had experience of this arriving or not? My dealer can order me the book etc or should I wait?

car supermarket = car paperwork? - andymc {P}
I've heard of people being messed around at some car supermarkets (which shall remain nameless) on this issue. I'd chase it up ASAP. A call to your local CAB prior to doing so might be useful.
car supermarket = car paperwork? - Emben
Thanks - just to let you know the maintenance record, in spanish, arrived this week - but did arrive and I do actually have a bit of spanish in my language repertoire and a good dictionary! No Manual yet. My local Ford dealer - Kennedy Ford - at Rotherfield have been great - I worried having bought from a supermarket they would be a bit sniffy about my import - they (granted in the servcice shop not sales) are ordering me the books I need and have been more than helpful, showing me how the odds and ends I was puzzled by worked. They certainly will get all my servicing. AND I bought MATS from them having read the saga on mats with much amusement and interest!!

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