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Hi everyone,

Would appreciate advice here! Looking to buy and run a car for the next 3 years. £4,000 max budget, 20,000 miles a year, easy on motorways where it will spend 90% of its life is a priority as well as honest maintenance costs. It needs to be Mondeo or Vectra size and must have AC. Prefer petrol over diesel as at this price point there seems to be a premium for diesel and far less choice. I am as useful with my hands as the French back 3 on a wet, blustery day in Sydney so I am going to have to pay to get it looked after and regularly serviced. Having consulted HJ's CBC breakdown I am thinking about a post 97 Mondeo 2 litre. Thought about Japanese as you all recommend them strongly eg Avensis, Accord, Primera but keep getting drawn to the Mondeo that I know drives well and I can get serviced anywhere at competitive prices. I have discounted the Vectra on reliability issues posted on this site plus it?s a poor second to the Mondeo in driver satisfaction. I?ve been to Blackbushe and watched countless cars go through at prices quite a bit less than anything in Autotrader. So, 2 questions please? Mondeo or something else and secondly auction or trader? All feedback really appreciated. Than
Mondeo unless you know better. - Paul Robinson

I have recently bought a 2 litre Mondeo (two weeks ago) after considering all the cars you mention. I also finally decided on a Mondeo on the basis of all the positive information on this site about driver satisfaction, reasonable reliability and easy ownership. I've not been disappointed yet!

Again, like you I considered the auction route, but sadly much as I would like to have a few trips to the auctions I don't have the time to go at the moment, so I came to an arrangement with a local trader who goes three times a week. I gave him a list of criteria and it was four weeks before I got a call to say he'd found something. The result was an August 2000 2 litre Zetec 5 door, 101K, straight off a company fleet with FSH, new tyres at 90K and last service 100K. The trader showed me the auction invoice (£2,660) and I gave him £300 for his trouble.

Good luck with your search!


Mondeo unless you know better. - And1
Another mondeo fan!

I am currently selling my own car. Its a 2000(W) 2.0 Ghia hatch
in state blue. It has 72000 miles from new with all usual
extras you would find on a ghia. I have the service records
(both receipts and book). Excellent condition mechanically and bodywork. I am asking £3600 for it or nearest offers.

Mondeo unless you know better. - prm
Dont discount the Vectra, I've had mine just over 2 years, ultra reliable, great on motorways and more economical than a Mondeo.
Mondeo unless you know better. - Ben {P}
I have got a V reg 2ltr Zetec Estate in state blue, 66500k miles, Full history, MOT untill mid august, Tax till march, if you are at all interested. Asking £3250 ONO.
Mondeo unless you know better. - oldtoffee
Everyone - thanks for the feedback and the info on the cars for sale. I'll probably persevere with one or two more visits to Blackbushe as it's only 30 minutes away and wait for the right car to come through - I'm OK with 100K miles if I'm getting a younger car. The Vectras are less money than the Mondeos and use less fuel but I feel that if I ignored the info here on overall reliability it would come back and bite me on the **** some time in the future.
Mondeo unless you know better. - And1
W (2000 ghia hatchback)
I am gonna say pristine condition
This one was registered on 25th August 2000
Just put 12 months on it, years tax
reduced to £3100 for quick sale mortage is late
this month
Mondeo unless you know better. - frostbite
Exactly my ambition too (one day). Only additional requirement is an auto box.

Does the 2l Zetec have a chain or belt cam drive is my only concern.
Mondeo unless you know better. - oldtoffee
And1 - can you contact me off forum (email in my profile) as I might be interested but have some questions? Thanks.
Mondeo unless you know better. - Vansboy
You'll probably end up with a Mondeo, from what I've read so far, you won't go far wrong.

But take a look at Pug 406, VERY good value just now, especially in petrol.

Don't forget you can do searches of vehicles in the auctions, without wasting a journey, from the Auction View link, in the menu to your left!

Mondeo unless you know better. - shamus
Andy1 - I'm looking for a Mondeo and would be interested.

Has the clutch/cambelt been changed.

Please do contact me. Looking to buy a car before the weekend.


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