Escort central locking????? - Butler
This of no importance what-so-ever, it is just something that has puzzled me for a while. My Escort (L reg) will only unlcok all doors from the passenger side, but once the car is unlocked - the central locking works from the drivers side! Some people have suggested this is built in as standard as if you have passengers you let them in first on their side, and if you havent got passengers there is no need for other doors to be open! I dont really buy this excuse! - but would be interested in ur opinions as to whether this is actually built in as standard?
Escort central locking????? - elekie&a/c doctor
This is not a standard feature but a common fault.Either your locks and/or keys are both worn .With this type of Ford key Any key will lock the door but you need the correct one to unlock.

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