Galant or Passat? - Gazza
Mum needs a car for one year & 20000 miles only. Her friend's firm offers two cars just defleeted. Which offers the cheapest motoring (in terms of resale, servicing & fuel)?

She got to choose before Wednesday before they go to auction.

1. Mitsubishi Galant 2.0 GLS Auto saloon, silver, 1998-S, 40000 miles, FSH, ex-director's wife's car. 3000 pounds

2. VW Passat 2.3 VR5 Auto estates, metallic light green, 1999-V, 70000 miles, FSH, ex-director's car. 5000 pounds

Galant or Passat? - PB
They are both priced OK. The Galant will need a £500 cambelt service at 54k though.
Galant or Passat? - Gazza
Is Passat VR5 a chain-cam engine?


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